As an SME, having the right tech and office supplies could help you close the next deal, make a sale, or deliver on the right product and service. But the right tech can be costly. Imagine building your future business today, with access to a world of support and services, minus all the expensive costs.

At Incredible, we believe that SMEs fuel the growth of our economy, and as the leading tech retailer in South Africa, we have a role to play in supporting SMEs and helping them to grow and expand. As part of this initiative, we have recently launched Incredible Business with a dedicated focus on SMEs and their unique business needs. We have a team of business experts ready to assist. Every entrepreneur or business owner needs access to the latest technology and trusted services so they can focus on their business instead of worrying about essential resources.

Three of the biggest challenges faced by SMEs are:

  • Access to finance and financial services, such as large capital funding;
  • Access to specialist resources to procure the right products, bulk purchases and manage the setup and deployment of your tech and equipment; and
  • A single point of contact for product and service needs.

Access to finance

Besides the normal credit offering, with up to 36 months to pay or the benefit of a revolving credit store card, Incredible offers a 30-day interest free business account, trade-ins and business rental options on all its products to support SMEs.

By opting for business rentals instead, SMEs can avoid the large upfront cash expenditure of purchasing products. With flexible rental options on a wide range of essential tech for business, including laptops, desktops, printers and more, your business won’t have to go without vital equipment.

Incredible also recently partnered with Genfin to provide business funding from R100 000 to R5-million, which is suitable for products, services and other business requirements. Incredible is a proudly South African entrepreneurial business that enables and supports SMEs and mid-corporates to unlock their growth for sustainable success.

Access to specialist resources

With more than 75 stores nationwide, any SME has access to tech experts that offer a list of services from setup to installations and many other core benefits that can be viewed in the Incredible Business Guide.

With tech support, you can:

  • Reduce your IT resource costs;
  • Have your new tech and office supplies delivered and installed;
  • Have your tech set up with the right software and connected to your network;
  • Get assistance with your current network if you are struggling with any issues;
  • Rest assured with a free, three-year warranty on all computer products, including Apple computers;
  • Visit your nearest store for repairs;
  • Trade-in your old devices for new tech through a simple in-store evaluation; and
  • Purchase data consuming tech in-store on contract with your choice of network.

It’s Incredible Business

Businesses can now simply create a business profile online and add multiple users with distinct roles in the procurement process. One user can effortlessly request and negotiate pricing, while another has the authority to approve purchase order requests, allowing their finance team to securely check out using any of the payment options available.

This digital transformation streamlines operations and elevates the overall procurement experience for businesses. To learn more, read this previous article on TechCentral.

Besides computers that include a free, three-year warranty and a wide range of tech for business, Incredible now offers stationery, furniture and appliances both large and small businesses, all available online and can be ordered from any of its stores.

Watch out for Incredible’s weekly business promotions offering a range of products selected to support businesses. These include deals on Yoco point-of-sale machines and load-shedding power solutions to keep your business running during blackouts.

To see these products and more, visit: To find a tailored solution for your business, e-mail or visit for more information.

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