Technology rentals instead of upfront purchases have become a popular and affordable alternative for SMEs in this tough economic environment.

Incredible and their Incredible Business offering have a comprehensive business rental solution as an affordable alternative. (Incredible Business is a division of Incredible, with over 75 retail stores known as Incredible Connection).

Rent it! The benefits of renting tech:

  • No depreciation: it is important to keep your tech updated so your business can deliver optimal performance. by renting tech and other products, you can always have the latest tech without depreciation;
  • Avoid the big price tag: renting devices will provide a safer, more economical solution in the long term;
  • Peace of mind: with Incredible Business; rental contracts include extended warranties upon registration and various insurance options;
  • A sustainable solution: once the rental period has come to an end, the tech can be returned for safe and responsible disposal or to be repurposed; and
  • Tax benefits: technology rental expenses are treated as operational expenses, making the rental tax deductible. Rentals become off-balance sheet items, with great benefits for your business.

Purchasing equipment can be costly and requires working capital that most businesses in South Africa struggle to afford. For over 28 years, we have known Incredible for leading tech and innovation, with over 75 Incredible Connection stores nationwide. Now with the introduction of integrated business offerings, they offer even more solutions that include extended business ranges, appliances and various affordable payment options.

Key benefits offered by Incredible Business

Products are sourced from multiple vendors
Incredible recognises that numerous businesses prefer technology solutions exclusively from a single OEM (original equipment manufacturer). However, there are instances where business rentals must be adaptable to accommodate a diverse technology stack sourced from various vendors. Businesses have the option to rent a variety of technology products from multiple vendors, all within a single contractual agreement through a team of expert product buyers.

Brand new rental units
While many rental companies often provide refurbished technology products, Incredible differentiates their offer with brand-new, unboxed items. They understand the importance of providing their clients with cutting-edge and reliable technology solutions free from the wear and tear associated with refurbished devices. Their commitment to delivering pristine, world-class products ensures that their customers can rely on top-tier performance and the latest features.

Access to a national footprint
In the rental industry, it’s common for companies to serve their clients primarily from a centralised head office. However, Incredible takes a customer-centric approach through their national footprint. They pride themselves on providing accessibility and convenience with multiple stores in all major centres nationwide. This extensive network of physical locations means that their customers can enjoy a personalised, face-to-face service with tech-experts, ensuring that their needs are met promptly and effectively.

1695022879 727 Why buy tech for your business when you can rent | perutrenPeace of mind with in-house insurance
While rental companies typically outsource insurance services, Incredible Business takes a distinct approach. They have the capability to provide comprehensive insurance coverage for computers, smartphones and tablets through their in-house divisions.

Distinct approach to trade in old tech
Notably, not every rental company in the market offers the innovative trade-in and lease-up approach to rentals, something Incredible can facilitate at any of their stores through a simple product evaluation.

Dedicated team of experts
The Incredible Business team understands the significance of a personalised touch in managing their clients’ accounts. That’s why they offer businesses access to a dedicated team of experts committed to overseeing their accounts on a personal level. Their experienced professionals are readily available to provide tailored guidance and support, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and attention.

What products are available to business customers?

With a wide range of products available online and in-store, Incredible now offers even more as part of their extended range:

  • Computing and accessories
  • Monitors
  • Video conferencing
  • Printing & supplies
  • Data storage devices
  • Networking hardware
  • Power solutions
  • Office appliances
  • Office furniture
  • Stationery and more

Incredible has not only earned the trust as a preferred destination for cutting-edge tech solutions but has also embraced the role of a trusted partner to businesses, both large and small.

To find a tailored solution for your business, e-mail or visit for more information.

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