Universities from the United States, Canada and Peru visited…


In order to publicize the exportable educational offer of Costa Ricathrough experiential experiences on college campuses, Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) organized the visit of six international universities to the institutions of the country.

Foreign educational centers that have come to Costa Rica – with an interest in topics such as faculty-led programs, internships, and programs with populations such as natives – are: Bradley University and Greene International Institute of Broward College the United States ; Saint Mary’s University, St. Lawrence College and Western University of Canada; as well as the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC).

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For their part, the Costa Rican institutions that participated in this PROCOMER international buyers mission were: Universidad Latina, Universidad Fundepos, Universidad Veritas, Universidad Santa Paula, Universidad Hispanoamericana, ULACIT, CATIE, UCR, Universidad Creativa, Universidad para La Paz, TEC, UNIBE, Texas Tech Costa Rica, AMURA/Global Learning Programs and Refugio La Marta.

Human talent and quality

“The service sector in our country is characterized by human talent and quality. These are two axes that are highly recognized in international markets and the reasons why they seek us as business partners, as is the case with the universities participating in this buyer mission,” said Erick Ulate, Export Manager at PROCOMER.

Jorge Campos, Head of International Programs at Fundepos, mentioned that “the BTM event allowed Fundepos to present its academic, technical and research offer to several Canadian universities and a Peruvian one. There are good opportunities for joint work with the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC), which has requested collaboration for the training of its teaching staff and students on sustainability issues, in order to integrate it in a transversal in all the activities of this university”.

For his part, the Director General of the Hispano-American University, Marco Urbina, added that “the Hispano-American University, in its process of internationalization, has signed agreements with more than 25 universities in Europe, America North and South which allow academic collaborations, research and student exchanges. PROCOMER has been a strategic ally for many years and the BTM is an important opportunity to make more relevant contacts that will create new opportunities for UH students.”

Buyers trade mission

This education sector mission was developed as part of the Buyers Trade Mission (BTM) 2022, which this year brought together 600 Costa Rican exporters with 400 buyers from 47 countries, and around 4,000 business meetings were held , including 25 from the education sector. sector.

According to the organization Open Doors (USA), between 2019 and 2020 more than 3,900 American students chose Costa Rica as a destination to continue their studies.


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