Two soldiers killed and injured in a clash between Waremo and “Jose”, terrorist leader of the Shining Path


Soldiers meet Sendero Luminoso members in Vrem. (endian)

Joint Command of the Armed Forces (CCFAA) he said that death of two soldiers Caused by clashes between military and police patrols against members of the terrorist group light pathin Vizcatán, in varemo,

Non-commissioned officers in a shooting that began Thursday August 11 Edin Vasquez Huamani and naval officers Marden Valkyrie Rodriguez,

For its part, the CCFAA says it has caused many victims in the ranks of light pathmainly from the Victor Quispe PalominoLast name Jose‘, who will also be injured. The current leader of the so-called Military Communist Party of Peru (MPCP), formed from remnants of the Shining Path group, may have collaborated with drug traffickers operating in the area.

Similarly, the armed forces indicated that they had captured “Weapons, communications material, equipment, laptops, abundant literature, documents and other items of interest” and sorry “The death of our fighters in the depths.”

Declaration of the Armed Forces for the death of two soldiers.

President stone castleOffered his condolences on the deaths of two soldiers via his Twitter account varemo in conflict between armed forces You light path,

“His death will not be spared. All Peru mourn the loss of Edin Vasquez You Marden ValquiBrave fighters who were killed in the Vizcatán region – VRAEM in a military operation against terrorist criminals »wrote.

The Peruvian First Authority expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and fully supported the actions of the Peruvian Armed Forces and the Peruvian National Police (PNP).

“Our sincere condolences to their families, they have our full support. My full support to the Armed Forces and the PNP, I ordered to continue the search for the remains of terroristsThis government will not give up in the anti-destructive struggle to maintain peace in the country.

The Peruvian army confiscated many weapons from the Shining Path terrorists.  (Department of Defense)
The Peruvian army confiscated many weapons from the Shining Path terrorists. (Department of Defense)

operation against light path In varemo Thursday, August 11 began with the deployment of more than 30 patrols around the town of Machaguay. There they went to the Jajsmayo valley where the camp was ‘Jose’,

Helicopters in the area were attacked in the jungle despite the bad weather varemoand also, Officer Oscar Pinedo was shot in the left knee, had to be evacuated and received treatment at the military health center in Pichri. His health is currently stable.

“Our patrols are in contact with the hostile group, conducting a series of conflicts in a designated area of ​​operations, to achieve the objectives set for this operation,” the CCFAA said.

The conflict between the army and the Shining Path began last Thursday.  (endian)
The conflict between the army and the Shining Path began last Thursday. (endian)

Although his victims are unknown, There will be two terrorists dead, a woman injured and six others burned.

In the area penetrated by the army, in addition to a rifle, which would have belonged to Quispe Palomino, a secret tomb was also discovered in which he would have been buried. Jorge Quispe Palomino, aka “Raul”Brother of ‘Jose’, second in command light path And who would have died in January 2021, Due to chronic kidney disease, the injuries were exacerbated by the October 2020 attack by law enforcement.

area of ​​intervention, Vizcatanit is Difficult access due to geography And because the terrorist camps are protected by three circles of security.

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