Trends in contemporary sculpture

Trends in contemporary sculpture

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Trends in contemporary sculpture

Sculpture is an artistic form of art that has been around for centuries. Although this medium has remained one of the most popular, the trends that surround it are constantly evolving. In the past year, Saatchi Art’s expert curators assessed and engaged with artists and collectors alike to identify current trends in contemporary sculpture.

fiber art

For the first time since The Pattern and Decoration, aka New Decorativeness, movement of the 1970s and 1980s, fiber art, ranging from wall hangings to freestanding 3D abstractions, has gained popularity among artists and collectors. equally. The delicate and organic nature of the materials, such as wood, wool and linen, bring a sense of comfort and serenity to a home, as seen in Gabriela Sagarminaga‘s Fan wall sculpture.

minimalist abstract

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anja hesler in his studio.

Just as we see with other media, the beauty found in the simplicity of minimalism coupled with the expressive nature of abstraction makes it a popular sculptural style. Rejecting the notation that sculpture should represent forms of nature or figures, minimalist abstract sculptors allow the viewer to focus on the form and material of the work, allowing for individual interpretation. This style of sculpture translates the essence of nature and emotion, highlighting art in its purest form.

ceramic and resin

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Raku wall sculpture by natalia serva

The art of ceramics and resin, dating back to 7000 BC. C., has contributed to the world of art for centuries. Mediums have become increasingly popular in contemporary art due to the versatility of the materials, allowing artists to create unique pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Artists are pushing the boundaries with their work, exploring new techniques and creating truly unique pieces. The versatility of these materials allows for various styles, the art of ceramics and resin has become an essential part of the modern art landscape.

recovered and reused

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Immanence No.43 by jazz yang

In all areas of production and consumption, it is increasingly urgent to consider the environmental impact of materials. Artists, in particular, examine the life cycle of their materials and use their practices to explore new eco-friendly materials. jazz yangfor example, he suspends found and discarded materials and objects in resin in his mixed media sculptural works.

Through these new trends in sculpture, timelessness and tradition remain an underlying sentiment. Emerging sculptors are paying homage to the past while innovating and creating unique and original works, guaranteed to be a great addition to any collection. With artwork available from the best emerging contemporary artists, Saatchi Art and our team of curators are here to help you grow your collection for the new year and beyond.

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