Tony Armstrong’s Wild Celebration After Epic Socceroos Victory



There was plenty of video content to cheer about this week, starting with the Socceroos’ epic victory early Tuesday morning. Their victory over Peru, achieved in a fierce penalty shoot-out, gave the ‘Roos their sixth ticket to the FIFA World Cup.

Plus, don’t miss rap icon Jay-Z’s embarrassing parenting moment, wildlife warrior Robert Irwin’s quick rescue, and a quick-thinking Aussie’s creative forklift solution to arrest a wildlife thief. car in its tracks.

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Take a hot drink, a cozy blanket and enjoy!

golden moment

The crowd went wild this week as the Socceroos qualified for their sixth FIFA World Cup.

All thanks to a last-minute substitute, substitute goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne, who held off Peru in a penalty shootout.

With his Wiggles dance moves and hilarious reaction to the win, it was truly a heartwarming moment.

Redmayne’s wife Caitlin revealed the sweet reason behind his awkward post-game celebration in an interview with the Network Nine.

“I have to say it was a tribute to our little girl Poppy,” she said.

“That face he pulls always lights up his face. I’m pretty sure it was for her, it wasn’t just him making that crazy face. It was quite special. Look at that face, you couldn’t not love it.

We can’t wait to see the Socceroos continue to score in Qatar in November, with hopefully many more heartwarming moments like this to come!

Give this man a Logie!

Redmayne wasn’t the only man to go viral for his post-match shenanigans.

In Melbourne’s Federation Square, ABC presenter Tony Armstrong could barely contain his excitement as the news broke.

Armstrong was swarmed by dozens of celebrating Socceroos fans, who jumped for joy, kissed the camera lens and even snagged the presenter’s scarf (which was hand-knitted by his mother).

Fortunately, he shared on Twitter that he then found his scarf (phew).

It’s certainly been a big week for Armstrong, who is nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at the Logies, with the awards ceremony taking place this Sunday.

Stop embarrassing me, daddy

Turns out, all kids are incredibly embarrassed by their parents — even when their parents are music legends Jay-Z and Beyonce.

We think this is the most we’ve ever linked to Blue Ivy Carter!

Paws in the air!

While Robert Irwin escaped unscathed after this encounter with the wombat, the same cannot be said for his iPhone.

@robertirwinApparently wombats taste like iPhones! Can confirm, it has gained some new scratches 😂♬ Oh no – Kreepa

not so fast

After realizing someone was stealing his car, a resourceful Aussie used a forklift to make sure the thief had nowhere to go.

Lifting a fork

In other forklift news, this operator shared the ultimate maneuver — and pun — on TikTok.

@foxxvx #fyp ♬ original sound – Chris

Food delivery service?

This hungry baby bird, a Crested Myna, must have found out the hard way that food doesn’t magically jump into its beak.

Bobcat wrestling

While spotting a family of bobcats in your yard might seem terrifying at first, it turns out they aren’t always scary.

I will Always Love You

Whitney Houston’s famous ballad (originally written by Dolly Parton) struck a chord with this emotional toddler.

Snow in Mexico

Mexico City was hit by heavy hail last week, causing a thick layer of ice to form on the roads.


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