Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, from how we communicate and engage in social settings to how we work – and even the very concept of a workplace. This new and flexible approach to business practices has introduced several new business opportunities.

Organisations across the board can no longer deny the inherent benefits of digital transformation and need to become future ready by embracing it. Although the degree and nature of this transformation may vary from industry to industry and even business to business, every employer should be seeking out ways to harness technology; it connects and empowers people to work seamlessly, safely and effectively anywhere, at any time.

But for many, embracing digital workplace transformation is daunting. Rather than allowing these businesses to be left behind, Vodacom Business is encouraging all organisations, regardless of size, to ‘turn to us’ as a partner in transforming their business to become future fit. Vodacom Business has identified three key pillars in the transformation process and identified XaaS solutions to address the challenges of each.

Smart work

A key challenge for many organisations is how to transition from remote work to smart work. This transition to future fitness requires incorporating advanced technologies, flexible strategies and data-driven approaches that enhance productivity and efficiency, while ensuring employee engagement and maintaining the safety of an increasing digital workspace.

While 89% of organisations have adopted a multicloud environment, often coupled with internet of things (IoT) technologies, organisations simply having these tools at their disposal does not mean they are getting the best out of their solution.

Vodacom Business’s cloud, security and IoT offerings give you access to tailor-made solutions that leverage our hyperscaler partnerships. Our integrated approach ensures businesses get the most out of their technology, with maximum speed to market, top security and the support they need to boost innovation. As a mobile network provider, Vodacom are uniquely positioned to offer organisations an holistic solution which incorporates appropriate business internet solutions for business’s needs, giving them access to hassle-free XaaS, all from one provider.

Hybrid working models

Employers across industries have been forced to embrace work from home (WFH) or hybrid working models. Although this trend was officially brought about by the pandemic, WFH was already becoming popular well before 2020 as employees sought out better work-life balance. Interestingly, this move has increased productivity quite significantly. A recent report showed that employees are 47% more productive on average when working from home versus in an office setting. As a result, the definition of a workplace has shifted significantly.

1708076963 179 The world of work is transforming – how to embrace | perutrenThis has given rise to the concept of a remote office. This future-focused way of looking at office space allows organisations to address the pressing need for consistent, stable connectivity for their workforce when working remotely. The Vodacom Business remote office is the next generation of solutions, offering employees better opportunities to connect, collaborate and remain productive, even for departments that are difficult to transform, like call centres. In addition, modern workplace bundles help keep this expanding digital footprint secure.


An organisation’s workforce is its single biggest asset. In the midst of changing employee expectations, retaining and attracting staff requires offering flexible work solutions. However, balancing this need for flexibility with declining company culture and the need for upskilling of existing employees poses a challenge.

Vodacom Business offers a range of employee engagement and security tools which helps to boost employee interaction and attract and retain top talent by allowing for flexibility. These mobile-first solutions are protected by Vodacom’s secure device management solutions, giving employers the power to secure, monitor and manage employees’ smart devices while fostering a positive company culture.

Ensuring an organisation is future fit means going beyond incorporating technology. A genuinely future fit organisation is one which leverages the best technologies to support employees and drive efficiency and communication in all business processes. To unlock your organisations potential, Vodacom Business invites businesses of all sizes to “turn to us”, to help turn challenges into possibilities.

Vodacom Business helps our enterprise customers work smarter, whether it’s a small or home office, a small to medium enterprise, a large corporate, or a public sector entity.

We work with customers to put together a combination of services that meet their needs and support the security and integrity of their businesses, helping them to become more efficient and save costs.

To find out more about our products, visit the Vodacom Business website.

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