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LOS ANGELES, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — bee stream, the fast-growing biotech startup to improve the impact of ecosystem services in agriculture, is proud to appear in the new film series, “The Age of Change: The Business of Survival”, presented by WWF and content partners and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. The beautifully shot series, which debuted on July 5, 2022reveals the stories of innovative solutions across the global business community that address critical environmental challenges by sharing diverse success stories.

In the segment, Beeflow Founder and CEO, Matias Vielin the same way Angelita De La Luz, Beeflow’s Director of Applied Research and Pollination Operations, discusses the research and technology development the company has carried out that has been proven to improve crop yields through various technologies that support health and bee training. They are also looking at how encouraging other bee species to work in tandem with bees to help with pollination will also increase crop yields.

“Over the past 50 years, there have been many innovations in agriculture, including new ways to irrigate crops, better pest control and plant genetics, but few ways to support pollination” , Viel said. “With bees responsible for pollinating more than 70% of food crops worldwide, caring for bees and their well-being is an important part of protecting the global food supply.”

Beeflow is one of the first companies in the world to generate and apply scientific knowledge and research on bee behavior to help improve and increase crop yields, changing the paradigm surrounding crop pollination with results. convincing. The company’s ongoing work and research is vitally important to validating this need and ensuring the world’s population has a steady supply of food.

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About Beeflow

bee stream is a young biotechnology company that uses scientific knowledge and technology to improve the impact of ecosystem services in agriculture. Beeflow creates and manages pollination programs for farmers that increase crop yields by up to 60%. The company combines scientific knowledge of crop pollination, bee biology and behavior, and chemical ecology with proprietary technologies, including molecules that help train bees to pollinate specific crops and a diet of plants that strengthen the immune system of bees. This new approach to pollination management allows growers to produce more with less. Situated at California and with operations throughout the West Coast of the United States, Mexico, Peru and ArgentinaBeeflow closed a $8.3M Series A in May 2021 with Ospraie Ag Sciences, Future Ventures, Vectr Ventures, Jeff Wilk (former CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Amazon), SOSV and others. Beeflow’s team of experts includes biologists, ecologists, entomologists, agronomists and entrepreneurs. For more information about Beeflow, please visit

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