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The African SAP User Group (AFSUG) is a community-driven, not-for-profit organization, independent of SAP, that represents the interests of SAP customers and partners in Africa. It does this by providing a platform to share stories, best practices and insights related to their experiences with SAP technology, helping SAP users to address their key challenges in the African context.

Africa lags behind other regions in terms of adoption and digital maturity. There are many reasons for this, including poor internet infrastructure and coverage, a lack of trust in digital service providers, and a lack of general digital and technology skills. African companies must also overcome a myriad of internal factors that contribute to low digital maturity, including cultural resistance to adopting digital tools, a lack of organizational agility required to adopt digital tools effectively, and underdeveloped technological capabilities.

Despite these widening digital divides and other challenges, there is a clear desire to catch up with the rest of the world, and digital adoption and associated infrastructure buildouts are happening faster in Africa than in other regions.

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Through events, forums and networking opportunities, AFSUG enables SAP customers and partners from various industries across Africa to participate in these challenges and exchange ideas to address them, accelerating successful business implementations. In addition to unlimited access to like-minded professionals, resources and education, another benefit for AFSUG members is being able to influence the direction of SAP in Africa and around the world.

We live in 2023

Saphila, meaning “Alive”, is AFSUG’s world-class biennial African conference, organized in collaboration with SAP, and is making a post-pandemic return from 9-11 July 2023 at the Sun City resort in the North West province. from South Africa. This year’s Saphila conference will also be the first hybrid Saphila event, further expanding the agenda to delegates unable to travel to or within South Africa.

Saphila 2023 is an opportunity for attendees, both in person and virtually, to connect, create and collaborate through knowledge sharing on service delivery innovations, implementation and best practices while being exposed to local customer testimonials and panels of experts. discussions covering eight different content streams. – from platform and technology, transformation and management of the human experience to the future, next-generation services and more.

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Several world-class keynote speakers and top industry experts have lined up to speak at the event, promising to deliver a content-rich learning experience. In addition, the conference promises to deliver an immersive, all-encompassing environment by providing access to packed exhibit spaces with SAP partners showcasing their solutions to implement projects faster, better, and on a cost-effective budget, as well as showcases of new products and demos brought to you by SAP and SAP partners.

While virtual attendees may not be able to visit the physical partner exhibit, they will still be able to enjoy access to the Saphila 2023 virtual expo center, which includes online booths for all exhibitors. They will also have the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions and live polls.

In this episode of TechCentral’s TCS+ show, Louise Steenekamp, ​​Head of IT at Aspen Pharmacare, speaking in her capacity as a board member of the African SAP User Group, reveals what to expect at the upcoming Saphila 2023 event.

The Saphila 2023 agenda is now available and can be accessed by visiting saphila2023.com/agenda. For more information and assistance with general event information and reservations, please send a message to info@SAPHILA2023.com.

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