Kiv Moodley

Fast-expanding Nasdaq-listed enterprise cloud software specialist Workday has big plans for its South African unit.

In this episode of TCS+, Workday South Africa MD Kiv Moodley tells TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod about Workday, its history and its areas of focus, and how the company works with clients, including those in South Africa.

In the first of a series of six TCS+ interviews with Workday, grouped under the theme “change makers”, Moodley discusses:

  • His career background, and what brought him to the Workday role;
  • Workday’s history – the company was co-founded by David Duffield, the entrepreneur behind software pioneer PeopleSoft;
  • How Workday got its start in South Africa and what its client profile looks like today, including a look at the industries it focuses on – and why it won’t go after public sector business;
  • The value Workday offers its clients and how it differs from other enterprise software vendors;
  • The future of Workday in South Africa; and
  • South Africa’s leadership challenges and how to remedy them.

Don’t miss an informative discussion about a fascinating company!

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