From left, Dimension Data’s Laudec McCarthy and Padma Naidoo with Palo Alto Networks’ Ross Templeton

Secure access service edge, or SASE – pronounced “sassy”, this emerging network security concept, first described four years ago by Gartner, has huge benefits for organisations, provided it’s done right.

To discuss what SASE is and how South African organisations can take advantage of it, TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod is joined on the TCS+ technology show by leading experts on the topic from Dimension Data and Palo Alto Networks.

Dimension Data’s Padma Naidoo, head of the company’s security practice, is joined by her colleague, Laudec McCarthy, a senior security solutions architect at Dimension Data in the Middle East Africa, as well as Ross Templeton, a system engineering manager at Palo Alto Networks in sub-Saharan Africa.

The three experts tackle a range of topics around SASE, including:

  • The relationship between Dimension Data (soon to be NTT Data) and Palo Alto Networks.
  • What SASE is exactly, and why organisations should be taking it seriously.
  • The concept of zero-trust security and the role it plays in the SASE model.
  • What is involved in deploying SASE technology – what companies should expect on the journey.
  • The complexities and challenges involved in a SASE deployment.
  • Dimension Data’s solutions in the SASE space.
  • Palo Alto’s Prisma solution – what it is and how companies can use it.
  • How companies should go about evaluating the SASE options available to them. And what should they be considering when selecting a managed network services partner?

There’s a ton of valuable information in this episode of TCS+. If you organisation is considering a SASE project, or even you are simply curious about what can be achieved using the SASE model, don’t miss this discussion!

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