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This year is fixed be difficult for customer experience (CX) professionals, as entities in all industries struggle to focus on customers while staying afloat in turbulent economic times.

CX teams will have to transform, and those who can help their companies achieve their brand goals and aspirations will thrive despite shrinking corporate budgets. To do this, they need data, as it is the cornerstone of any successful CX strategy and is integral to driving brand loyalty and advocacy.

To break down the importance of data for business improvements, TechCentral last week hosted an episode of the TCS+ technology show that brought together experts in the field of data analytics.

TCS+ host Yaliwe Soko spoke with Frank Sherlock, Vice President of International Operations at call minerand explored how companies can leverage data to improve their operations, enhance the customer experience, and drive growth. Watch or listen to the full discussion below.

It emerged from the interview that data is essential for making better business decisions. Sherlock emphasized that data provides valuable insight into customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. By leveraging data analytics tools, companies can leverage this information to optimize their products, services, and operations.

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Additionally, Sherlock discussed how CX is a crucial element of business success. CallMiner highlighted the importance of using data to improve customer experienceciting examples of how companies can use customer feedback and sentiment analysis to identify pain points and deliver personalized experiences.

Data governance and security are critical, Sherlock said, stressing the importance of implementing strong data governance policies and security measures to protect customer data and meet regulatory requirements.

Finally, he said that the human element remains crucial in data analysis. Despite the increasing prevalence of automated analysis tools, human judgment and experience are still required to interpret data and make informed trading decisions.

Listen to this episode of TCS+

Overall, the interview provides valuable insight into the importance of data for business improvement. Businesses that can harness the power of data analytics will gain a competitive advantage by making better decisions, improving the customer experience, and driving revenue growth.

However, data security and governance are critical considerations, and human judgment and experience remain key to effective data analysis.

Learn more by downloading the Drive business improvement with conversation analytics White paper exploring how competing with CX requires the right strategy and technology.

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