South Africa’s leading ICT distributor has introduced iQuote from HPE, a configure, price and quote tool aimed at helping resellers grow their HPE business by improving the accuracy of their quotes and reducing quotation turnaround time. All of this is conveniently available through the Tarsus Distribution Portal, their digital self-service platform.

In a nutshell, the tool will enable partners to respond to their customers looking for HPE server, storage and networking solutions as fast, securely and accurately as possible, with the best price and availability.

HPE iQuote empowers resellers to swiftly respond to requests for quotations while considering product availability, pricing, promotions and incentives.

Eliminating errors

Manual calculations on multiple spreadsheets can lead to costly mistakes. With HPE iQuote, the risk of errors is significantly reduced. With its flexible interfaces offering varying content levels, generating quotes using HPE iQuote becomes a breeze for any reseller, regardless of their expertise level, from seasoned HPE experts to novices.

The efficiency of pre-sales teams is markedly improved by leveraging the HPE iQuote system, assuring precision in processing HPE server, storage, networking, software and services orders. Other benefits include greater flexibility catering to all user audiences, comprehensive security, enhanced flexibility across products as well as complete SMB solutions, and an increased number of technical validation checks for improved quotation accuracy.

Speed, accuracy and convenience

Moreover, the ability to self-configure, log on and access accurate pricing and stock level indicators, at any time of the day or night, regardless of where channel partners are situated and without having to speak to anyone, is a major plus.

HPE iQuote also ties into another concept that Tarsus Distribution has integrated into its platform, HPE Flex Offers, which is a promotional engine that provides tailored configurations at competitive prices, shipped quickly, directly from the company’s inventory.

Tarsus Distribution loads in campaigns and pricing models and as partners configure a device and add capabilities and services, they reach a threshold over which discounts will then automatically kick in. This way, partners can enjoy aggressive pre-discounted pricing without human intervention, as quickly as possible.

The destination of choice for HPE

With the introduction of iQuote, Tarsus Distribution has taken the next step in their efforts to provide simple solutions that help channel partners eliminate errors and speed up the quoting process.

This fully accessible HPE experience, including pre-sales, business development, stocking, channel credits, start-up services and installation, is one of the ways this top-tier distributor sets itself apart from other distributors in the local market, by empowering its channel partners.

Simultaneously, by deploying iQuote, Tarsus Distribution will be able to make the HPE enterprise offering, managed by Tarsus Distribution’s business unit manager: enterprise, Chris Larkins, accessible to a much broader spectrum of channel partners.

1690898899 465 Tarsus Distribution introduces HPE iQuote | perutrenServing customers digitally

Ultimately, Tarsus Distribution aims to provide customers with a fully digital experience. Digitisation not only enables innovative technical capabilities, but also facilitates transformative shifts in customer behaviour, interactions and expectations of technology.

At the centre of this journey is choice – a must for any great IT support experience. Having a range of options can enhance efficiency and productivity through faster problem-solving, more stable operational infrastructure and boosted agility.

Empowering partners

Self-service platforms are a prime example of this, as they significantly improve customer, employee and supplier relationships. This convergence fuels a triple-win scenario, leading to happy customers, more fulfilled employees, and ultimately, increased profitability for everyone.

Self-service technologies empower users by giving them greater control over their interactions and transactions, allowing partners to access services and information independently, boosting convenience, accuracy and efficiency, as well as making tasks quicker and more seamless.

Tarsus Distribution Portal

Tarsus Distribution debuted the Tarsus Distribution Portal several years ago: its B2B portal where partners have access to a wide range of features and tools that help them conduct business. Tarsus Distribution’s chief digital officer Gary Gradwell manages TDP, and it is far more than an ‘online shop’, but rather a true platform on which they can compile solutions for end-users.

The portal gives partners access to HPE iQuote and other valuable tools and resources. Partners can streamline their sales and purchasing process with easy access to competitive pricing, stock-check, order management and more. It also features responsive chat support that helps guide channel partners through the online processes.

By putting the power in their partner’s hands, Tarsus Distribution believes in enabling partners to serve more customers, more quickly, with the right solution at the right time. Ultimately, partners want a return on the time they have invested and efficient systems that help them to deliver excellent customer service. Tarsus Distribution puts all the information and expertise at their fingertips to help them make greater margins faster than their competitors can.

At the vanguard of innovation

Tarsus Distribution has always been at the edge of innovation, leading the channel, and is a technology-forward organisation that prides itself on staying relevant, with the latest tools, which they put in the hands of their partners.

The distributor’s aim is to ensure partners are enabled to the fullest extent with platforms that are centralised and easy to use, and concurrently, that its vendors get their solutions out into the market in the most efficient manner.

HPE iQuote is one more way Tarsus Distribution is going digital and making solutions accessible for channel partners, enabling them to save time and conduct business anywhere, and at any time.

Tarsus Distribution understands the challenges businesses face in today’s fast-paced market. That’s why they are committed to providing innovative solutions like HPE iQuote to help partners stay ahead of the competition.

Contact Tarsus Distibution today to learn more about how HPE iQuote can help your business thrive.

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