Companies face a constant need to adapt and expand to meet ever-changing market demands. One of the most significant challenges they face is managing the exponential growth of data, with the latest estimates suggesting that 328.7 million terabytes of data are created every day.

This is why – as businesses’ dependence on digital information grows – the importance of storage solutions that can accommodate sudden growth should never be underestimated. This is particularly true when it comes to small to medium-sized enterprises which lack the enormous budgets their large corporate counterparts enjoy, and often find themselves having to “make things work” on a shoestring budget.

The data explosion

Currently, the digital age has ushered in an era of data proliferation. Companies are accumulating vast volumes of data from various sources, including customer interactions, transactions, IoT devices and social media. This data contains valuable insights that can drive more informed business decisions and innovations.

However, without storage solutions capable of accommodating this data explosion, SMEs risk missing out on opportunities and falling behind their competitors.

This is because today’s business environment is highly competitive, too, meaning agility is key. Entities that can quickly adapt to changing circumstances and leverage data-driven insights gain a significant advantage.

Scalable storage solutions allow smaller businesses to manage large datasets efficiently and make data-driven decisions without having to worry about data overload. This adaptability enables businesses to seize new opportunities, respond to market shifts and stay ahead of the curve.

In fact, research from Statista claims that some 44% of traditional small businesses are currently cloud infrastructure or hosting services.

Enhanced flexibility

Sudden growth can take various forms, from increased customer data to expanding product lines or entering new markets. Scalable storage solutions offer SMEs the flexibility to accommodate these changes without any disruption to the business.

Companies can seamlessly scale their storage infrastructure up or down as they need, ensuring that they have the resources to support their operations without overcommitting to expensive, fixed-capacity solutions. Moreover, the worry about over-provisioning or under-provisioning is taken out of the equation.

Robust disaster recovery

Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans; however, SMEs have often believed these are unaffordable and out of their reach.

Storage solutions where capacity can be added easily can play a vital role in these efforts. By spreading data across multiple storage devices or locations, companies can mitigate the risks of data loss due to hardware failures, natural disasters or cyberattacks. This redundancy ensures that business operations can carry on, even in the event of a disaster.

Not only must SMEs be prepared for unforeseen circumstances because the pace of technological advancement is so relentless, they must prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. The right storage solutions provide a level of futureproofing by allowing these entities to adopt new technologies and adapt to changing business requirements. This flexibility ensures that investments in storage infrastructure remain relevant and valuable over time.

Ideal storage solutions

With all these points in mind, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise‘s entry-level storage series, Modular Smart Array (MSA), is easy to learn, deploy and configure.

It is affordable and can be expanded and upgraded according to customers’ needs, which is why HPE MSA storage systems are the right choice for small and medium businesses as they can accommodate growing data volumes while reducing storage costs for the organisation.

HPE MSA storage systems are easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage, with no special knowledge or technical expertise needed. For smaller companies, being able to set up these systems and forget about them is a very attractive prospect.

In fact, the simplicity of HPE MSA completely eliminates IT complexity, as users can now rely on intuitive setup, guided management and hands-free automatic performance tiering to power user productivity.

These systems also offer high performance, at a price tag that companies of every size can afford. SMEs can harness incredible performance that will thrill both their users and their executive team. HPE MSA continuously optimises workloads to use the fastest HDD and SSD media.

Users will see clear results in their input/output operations per second (IOPs), while users will be able to enjoy far quicker applications.

The right partner

The right storage should come with the right partner, one who has the necessary knowledge and expertise to help customers tackle their data storage challenges with a simple, fast and affordable HPE MSA system.

If you need help with your storage requirements, contact Tarsus Distribution today.

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