Software plays a crucial role in business operations for organisations in every sector and industry. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that each piece of software has a finite lifespan, eventually reaching its end-of-support (EOS) stage.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 will reach end of support on Tuesday, 10 October 2023. What this means for businesses is that after this date, these products will be vulnerable as they will no longer receive regular security updates, bug fixes or technical support.

Ensuring the efficient management of your infrastructure’s EOS is of utmost importance, particularly with the transition to Windows Server 2022 on the horizon. Factors such as security, regulatory compliance, and performance enhancement underscore its significance. Failing to address EOS could result in severe repercussions.

Open to attack

When software reaches its EOS, there are no longer crucial security updates, patches and bug fixes from the vendor. This leaves the software exposed to emerging threats, as malicious actors actively seek vulnerabilities inherent in outdated software.

The absence of regular security updates significantly increases the risk of data breaches, system compromises and unauthorised access. Managing software EOS ensures timely security measures are in place to safeguard sensitive data, protect privacy and mitigate security risks.

Exposing sensitive information and compliance concerns

Certain industries, particularly those dealing with sensitive or confidential company information such as healthcare and financial services, are subject to stringent regulatory frameworks and compliance standards. Many regulations mandate the maintenance of supported software versions to ensure data protection, privacy and cybersecurity.

Neglecting software EOS management can result in non-compliance, potential legal repercussions, and financial penalties. By diligently monitoring and addressing EOS dates, organisations can ensure they meet the necessary regulatory requirements and shield themselves from legal complications.

Reduced system performance

It’s also important to remember that over time, software vendors release updates and patches to address performance issues, enhance functionality and optimise system stability. When software reaches its EOS, these updates and optimisations are no longer issued, potentially leading to reduced system performance, compatibility issues and increased downtime.

Effective EOS management allows businesses to plan for software upgrades or replacements, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining optimal system performance.

Business continuity

Similarly, because software plays a pivotal role in business operations, any disruption can severely impact productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Ignoring software EOS increases the likelihood of unexpected failures, system crashes and software incompatibility, potentially resulting in costly downtime and revenue loss.

Proactive EOS management enables organisations to mitigate the risk of disruptions, ensure business continuity and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

No support or service

As software reaches its EOS, vendors typically discontinue support services, including technical assistance and customer service. Without access to vendor support, organisations may face significant challenges in resolving software-related issues, troubleshooting errors or receiving guidance on using their software effectively.

EOS management empowers firms to plan ahead, explore alternative support options and ensure that sufficient technical assistance is available to address any software-related concerns. Avoid business risks by making the transition to Windows Server 2022.

An easy switchover

Fortunately, Tarsus Distribution customers can stay secure and modernise their IT estate with Microsoft on their own terms.

For customers wanting to effectively manage Windows Server 2012 EOS, there is now Microsoft’s Windows Server 2022 Reseller Option Kit (ROK), a software distribution model that is a cost-effective, install-ready kit to help customers sell and deploy Microsoft Windows Server operating systems on OEM server hardware.

The ROK includes Windows Server software that is ready to install and sold as another server option using one price list, such as RAM, hard drives or processors.

Alternatively, opting for the preinstalled Windows Server offers several benefits. It is 31% more cost effective, can be deployed to a server 86% faster and provides a single source for OEM support.

It is also tested, tuned and certified with OEM-branded hardware, and is packaged with the latest drivers as well as customised installation tools for fast and easy deployment. It also features hybrid capabilities with Azure and comes at a lower acquisition cost.

Achieve more with Windows Server 2022 ROK

  • ROK offers simplified installation through single support – including a free 90-day support service.
  • Through ROK, customers can manage their inventory, by stocking and selling as and when they need to. It also offers increased convenience, fast and easy deployment, and is tested, customised and supported by OEMs.
  • ROK offers cost-effective solutions for businesses by maximising resource utilisation.
  • ROK is covered by hardware warranties.
  • ROK offers customers the flexibility with Software Assurance to move their licence to the cloud.

Get in touch with Tarsus Distribution for expert guidance and assistance with your transition to Windows Server 2022, along with any other hardware needed to speed up your migration and modernisation process today.

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