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Hello, ADVrider Inmates and welcome to Photos of Week #25 from the first day of July 2022! We start this week with a photo that @hitejp captured while photographing his mate Alan and a 2018 BMW GS on the glorious morning of June 12th. Hitejp was following a rental Harley-Davidson as they approached Devil’s Tower on Route 110 in northeast Wyoming.

This was during her 5+ week trip about 10,000 miles from NC, west and back. . . I joined him for three weeks in the middle of the trip and managed to take this photo as I approached the tower.

Same turn, different angle

Here’s a photo of a 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Devil’s Tower by @Mypvtidho, who took the photo while “walking through the Black Hills in June 2022”.

Also by Mypvtidho, a “Himalayan sunrise” from a bluff “in a Badlands S. Dakota bookdock campsite.”

Same trick, different riders

And here’s a photo of my daughter Amy snapping a photo of four gentlemen we met on that mighty 110 highway on a beautiful Wyoming morning in 2011. It’s been exactly 20 years since she and I rode Kootenays in British Columbia in Rapid City, South Dakota, and we were rebuilding this trip on a press-thrown Victory touring bike (Victory, the little engine that didn’t). I don’t know who the four gentlemen were, but they were delighted to have a young woman take their picture in front of the big rock. This photo was taken with a Nikon D70 which was well past its prime.

It’s fog, not smoke

Here’s @Sir Denis Eton-Hogg with a Honda CT110 storming Buckhorn Canyon in Colorado. “This area was badly burned in a fire a few years ago, we were at about 10,000 feet with lots of early morning fog.” Note the classic (and classy) Hein Gericke jacket. He says his friends call him the Brown Bandit. And what a getaway machine!

Don’t tell the chickens that

The 2016 Honda CBR300R pictured below was carrying @Rosmoe for a jaunt around Chiang Mai in northern Thailand a few years ago when he realized he needed fuel – so he s stopped at this joint, “the best BBQ chicken in the area”.

Mamma mia, what a view!

It’s Italian Lake Garda in the photos below and the cafe @Ktm1090MAD is enjoying is a favorite vantage point in the mountains above. “You drive very narrow winding roads in the beautiful hills and then you reach this cafe with a view of the lake 600 meters below.”

“From now on, the descent is still winding. Let it flow . . .”

Steve who?

The 2022 Triumph Scrambler pictured below was driven to a well-known lookout point in North Georgia’s Cohutta Wilderness by @TwoWheelTed, who tells us it can be “up there in about an hour, and there’s miles of forest service roads to explore.” It’s a 1200XE Steve McQueen edition of the Triumph, by the way.

Round trip

Harris Beach in Oregon (below) is “the last destination north” on @Wheels&Wings’ “circular journey from SoCal to Oregon, east to Nevada and back south on the 395 to in SoCal. This BMW is a 2012 R GS model, and the photo was taken a few months ago.

A good start to the day

It’s sunrise June 26 and @elitexxscrambler86! is about to complete MABDR Sections 8 and 9 on his 2001 BMW R1150 GS. “I then drove through New York and entered Canada at Niagara.”

“The other photo was taken on NEBDR Section 7 today.” And today would be June 28th.

It was another time

The photo below was taken pre-pandemic as Harleyman1951 enjoyed an “off-road riding tour through the Little Atlas Mountains in Morocco”. It’s a KTM 350.


The Yamaha XT2005 and 2006 XT225 pictured below carried Bill and his dad around Lake Travis last year. They stopped here for a drink and to talk about college “and how our commutes are going to be less and less” from now on. “Great bikes, they do everything you ask of them.”

Bolivia. . . What?!

@Ausman tells us the photo below was taken on Death Road in Bolivia. The photo was taken 10 years ago “while traveling through South America (Chile, Peru, Bolivia).” He drove a rented 2009 Suzuki DR650 for this section, but “BMW F650 for the majority of the trip”.

Those damn baby heads!

It’s a 2015 BMW F800 GSA in the photo below, which was taken a few days ago. We’ll pass the microphone to @ADVwxyz at this point.

So let me explain: On the first Canadian Gold River 200 Regularity Roadbook rally, a Time, Distance, Speed ​​event, the morning of day two was a short, steep section of track that was chewed up in the dry. It was the second attempt. The baby head from the first attempt deflected me to the left and I spun; tempting two baby heads deflects me in the face towards a rock. With the power on at the diversion, she was going to climb the rock!!! Forks compressed and she popped up all Erzberg Rodeo style. . . then slid sideways to rest the crashbars on the rock. Basically, I got off the back of the bike as she spun under me. Laughing, standing up, I put my hand in my pocket and took the picture.

Hindu Kush

The 1971 Yamaha DT1 pictured below is in the Hindu Kush mountains north of Kabul en route to Mazar-i-Sharif. @Sidecaral bought the Yamaha in Singapore and drove to Holland on it in 1971. “An ‘adventure motorcycle’ on the eve of the term’s invention!”:

Another Guzzi

Frederick tells us that the red bike in the photo below is a “random Italian Guzzi.” He was on a cycling trip through Europe and “ran by chance at the entrance to the former Moto Guzzi factory and now a free-to-use museum, beautifully situated on the edge of Lake Como in the Italian Alps. “. The photo was taken a few weeks ago. “A visit to this area is highly recommended.”

Built to last

@Eemsreno says he was “on the TWAT (Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail) last week” and came across “this hidden lake around noon, but had to go back camping here”. Good decision, of course. And it’s a 2012 Yamaha Super Ténéré with 294,000 miles on it.


For our last photo of the week, we have a nice photo of @klaviator, who says he was “watching the sunset from the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge” in Alabama a week or two ago, with his Honda ADV 150 2022.

Friends, that’s all for now, but thanks for coming, and don’t forget to send us your photos! We love to see what you’ve been up to, and no matter what’s going on in the world, we know you’re up to great things.


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