Peru. The President announces the creation of a decentralized Council of Ministers in Cajamarca | News | ANDEAN


announced on Friday that a decentralized Council of Ministers to be held in Cajamarca will be scheduled in the coming days to meet the needs of this region of northern Peru.

From the main square of the district of Llama in the province of Chota, where Mr. Castillo held a meeting with the population, he delivered a ministerial resolution that guarantees the rural electrification of 23 communities in this area.

“In the next few days we are programming the decentralized Council of Ministers in the Cajamarca region (…), we will come with all the ministers to meet the needs of Cajamarca and its districts”, he expressed.

Likewise, the Head of State reiterated before the people of Llama that he had taken the reins of the country and was leading it “without stealing a single sol (Peruvian currency) from Peru”.

Thus, he called on the regional and provincial authorities “to do everything well and transparently”.

In addition, the senior official mentioned that dams will be built to make the projects necessary for farmers viable, also recalling his visit to Puno where the main concern is the frost phenomenon, which causes low temperatures and affects the population.

“From Llama I salute the Peruvian people indicating that we have received the administration of the State during a pandemic; in this context, we have invested billions of soles so that the people can be vaccinated; and ( also facing) another challenge like the war between Ukraine and Russia (…)”, he said.

In addition, Mr. Castillo called on the Congress of the Republic to discuss a bill on the massive use of Camisea natural gas, so that it can reach all citizens.

“How is it possible that in such a rich and ancient country, the population goes to the squares to ask for services, such as electricity and rural electrification; water for their cities; paths; internet; (…) that’s why we say that what belongs to us comes first; (let’s work) so that these resources are invested in the country,” he added.


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