Peru insistently reiterates its call for a ceasefire and an end to hostilities in Ukraine | News | ANDEAN


affirmed that Peru insistently reiterates its call for a ceasefire and an end to hostilities in Ukraine, as well as the withdrawal of all military troops of the Russian Federation occupying Ukrainian territory.

In the diplomatic field, the government agency called for the urgent opening of consultations and negotiations to urgently and imperatively obtain a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict.

Peru also expressed its full support for all international actions aimed at protecting the Ukrainian civilian population and alleviating their suffering.

UN Security Council

At the 8979th meeting of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, the Russian Federation vetoed the draft resolution presented by Ukraine, which called for the cessation of Russian aggression and its intervention in Ukraine . The draft also called for the withdrawal of all its military forces.

Thus, the resolution was not approved, despite a majority of favorable votes.

The Permanent Representation of Peru to the United Nations co-sponsored the draft resolution – in exercise of Peru’s historic commitment to the principles of respect for territorial integrity, national sovereignty, independence of States and its unrestricted adherence to respect for international law.

It also came in the exercise of the legal tradition of Peruvian diplomacy and the constitutional mandate, which support a state foreign policy based on the sovereign equality of states, as well as the condemnation and prohibition of any act of aggression or the use of force in international relations. .



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