Peru-China bilateral trade up 60% in 2021 | News | ANDEAN


The trade volume between Peru and China exceeded US$37 billion in 2021, representing a 60% increase from the previous year; this figure also represents a third of Peru’s total trade volume,


“China is the main importer of key Peruvian products such as copper and fishmeal and accounts for (receives) about 50% of Peru’s mining and fishery product exports,” he said.

The Chinese envoy pointed out that shipments of various agricultural products from Peru to the Asian giant have grown very rapidly, as is the case with blueberries and avocados, which have managed to increase by 71% and 81%. , respectively, over the previous year, supplanting Chile as the largest exporter of both products to China.

“On the other hand, China produces good quality mobile phones, cars, clothes and other products at reasonable prices, which improves the quality of life and reduces expenses for Peruvians,” he said. he indicates.


Liang Yu said China’s investment in the South American country exceeded 30 billion US dollars, making Peru the Asian giant’s second largest investment destination in Latin America.

“About 200 Chinese companies have invested in Peru in sectors such as mining, energy, electricity, transport, communications and finance, among others, making a great contribution to Peru’s development and improving the (quality of) life of his people,” he said.

“Peru and China are destined to become the largest and closest cooperation partners. As China grows, its population of 1.4 billion will increase the demand for Peruvian products by expedited manner. Thus, the trade volume between China and Peru is expected to account for more than half of Peru’s total foreign trade,” he said.

In addition, the ambassador said Chinese construction companies will help Peru build highways, railways, bridges, ports, airports, 5G and 6G networks, as well as smart and safe cities in the shortest time possible.

“China will promote faster and better development of its close brother Peru. The community of common future of China and Peru will be a solid part of the community of shared future for mankind,” he said. -He underlines.


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