Peru announces the massification of natural gas and rural electrification works in Ayacucho



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The main mission of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) is to massify and intensify the use of natural gas at the national level. In Ayacucho, Ucayali and Cusco in a first stage and in a continuation to the other regions of the country, announced the Deputy Minister of Electricity, José Martín Dávila Pérez, who came to the city of Ayacucho to participate in the soi – saying Executive Muni of the Bicentenary, by order of the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo Terrones and the Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González Toro.

He explained that there are 113 thousand families who would benefit from natural gas in the regions initially and that the current government will satisfy this desire so desired by the different populations. “The studies have already been carried out and nearby, we have a pipeline diversion, which would allow us to distribute natural gas. For years, we have seen it cross our lands, but it never reached the population, ”he added.

Regarding electrification works throughout the country, he said that one hundred million soles will be invested for the benefit of 80,000 users. “The 86% gap that we have now, we will bring it to 96% next year and we will achieve 100% coverage by ending the term of President Pedro Castillo,” he said.

He described this decentralized meeting as important because – as he said – it allows the Government to fulfill its commitment to eliminate intermediaries. “Provincial officials go to Lima and a lot of times they don’t talk to a minister or a deputy, no matter how much they knock on doors,” he said.

During his presence in Ayacucho, Deputy Minister Martin Dávila also met with the authorities of the province of Lucanas. An important topic that was discussed during the said meeting was the execution of rural electrification projects with photovoltaic panels.

Over a hundred provincial and district mayors from the Ayacucho region participated in the Bicentennial Executive Council. The purpose of the meeting was to articulate spaces that promote, develop and strengthen the joint and coordinated action of central government with municipal governments.

The meeting was organized by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), through the Secretariat for Decentralization.

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