Peru Already Has a Centaur Subline: Why Should We Worry?


Considering the first case registration of the BA.2.75 subline in Peru, known as centaur, experts stress the need to strengthen preventive measures and vaccines to be properly protected against COVID-19. Take four doses of

On July 20, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) indicated in a press release that the first case was located in the metropolis of Lima and corresponds to a young adult who, after presenting symptoms of Covid-19, was transferred to a health center. has been. Where are you being watched from?

In this regard, infectious disease specialist from the Cayetano Heredia National Hospital, Leslie Sotoexplained that the centaur subline is ten times more contagious than the other Omicron variant sublines.

In this sense, he stressed the need for people to receive the respective doses of the COVID-19 vaccine so that their body can be protected from the appearance of these new subcategories.

“Those who are hospitalized are patients who have had two doses or three doses of vaccine for more than five months, so it is very important to prevent this infection,” he said.

Soto commented that the Centaur subline is a subline of BA.2, which in turn is the son of the Omicron variant, and was identified in India in May this year.

“The Centaur sub-line is more contagious than the ba.4 and ba.5 sub-variants. People think the virus is cool, but it’s not. It’s just as aggressive, except we deal with it like the flu because we would have been vaccinated. is,” he said.

He added that people who are unvaccinated and have risk factors can be as complicated as the first wave.

Regarding the symptoms, he indicated that it is similar to Omicron, it starts with general malaise, flu, sore throat and a lot of annoyance. “We hope it’s not complicated by a lack of oxygen,” he said.

In India, this lineage accounts for at least 23% of sequenced infections and is growing faster than the rest of the BA.2 lineage at a rate of 17% per day, according to data from the Peruvian National Institutes of Health.

To date, centaurs have been identified in countries such as Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, but have not yet been identified in South America.

In this sense, Minsa urges the population to continue vaccination and to respect the protective measures against COVID-19, since the country has seen an increase in viral infections in the last week.

On the other hand, since last July 13, people over the age of thirty can be vaccinated with the fourth dose in the country, provided that five months have passed since the application of the third dose.

Vaccine efficacy

The doctor advised that the vaccines are less effective than they are now, which is why bivalent vaccines are being introduced, which can protect against different types and subtypes of COVID-19.

“They’re not implementing them yet because they’re in phase three of the study, but they’re about to come out and there’s a good increase in their defense,” he said.

Asked about the effectiveness of the vaccines given to us in the country, he said that they protected us, but not 90% like before, but at least 75% or 80% to avoid hospitalization. % more … than.

“We have memory to defend, we are growing to be able to better defend ourselves against COVID-19,” he concluded.

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