Pending manufacture of Telangana products in global markets


Hyderabad: “Telangana State is making rapid progress in all spheres of activity. We assure you of any assistance to facilitate your business in our countries. We are from the region and would love to see Make in Telangana products in global markets,” the ambassadors from Iran, Brazil, Peru and the Dominican Republic said while addressing trade and businesses in the region. Telangana at a business summit organized by the FTCCI in Hyderabad.

This is the first time that India’s ambassadors from four different countries have come together and discussed business from the same platform.

Launching the Business Summit, Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman of the FTCCI, said, “It is indeed a pleasure to welcome Ambassadors from four countries to the FTCCI at once. The FTCCI thanks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Telangana government for this opportunity. This meeting, the first in the series, will help expand Telangana’s export markets to these countries and attract foreign direct investment to the state.”

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Gaddam Dharmendra, India’s Ambassador to Iran, said: “Although trade with Iran is fluid due to geopolitical situations, we have a strong trade association with Iran, especially according to our energy needs. India exported a lot of agricultural products to Iran. Today, many pharmaceutical products as well as engineering products, plywood and paper have huge export potential to Iran”

Suresh K Reddy, India’s Ambassador to Brazil, said, “I have worked closely with Telangana State in the past. It is one of the most successful states in India, which is advancing rapidly especially in IT, R&D and Pharma. Central governments have now allocated specific funds to ambassadors to promote states. Therefore, I call on Telangana commerce and business to approach us and expand their footprints in Brazil, which offers many opportunities”

Abbagani Ramu, India’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, said, “There is huge potential for manufacturers in IT, pharmaceuticals and electric vehicles in our country. I am from Telangana and I want to see a global Telangana product and brand.

Mr. Subbarayudu, Indian Ambassador to Peru, said: “We knew the strength of the state of Telangana. Peru is rich in natural resources and I wish to see fruitful collaboration between Peru and the State of Telangana.

The four ambassadors detailed the vast trade potential available in their respective countries and assured Telangana Trade of all export assistance and facilitation.

The event, among others, was attended by members of FTCCI, Telangana Trade, Mr. Chakravarthi AVPS Chairman of International Trade Committee, FTCCI; Mr. Suresh Kumar Singhal, Vice President of FTCCI; Dr E Vishnu Vardha Reddy IFS, Special Secretary, Investment Promotion and NRI Business Telangana Government; Mr. Meela Jaydev, Sr. VP, FTCCI and Trade Members of the International Trade and Business Relations Committee.

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