You’ll find “Optimize operations” and “increase efficiency” are on the list of objectives for almost every company, but how can they be achieved? One of the most effective ways from a technology and service delivery standpoint is through automation and infrastructure as code (IAC). These two concepts have become increasingly popular due to the move to the cloud and the associated benefits. Before learning about the benefits, let’s define these concepts.

Automation involves the use of technology to perform tasks that were traditionally performed by humans. These range from simple and repetitive tasks, such as data entry, to more complex processes, such as supply chain management and logistics. Automating these tasks will reduce the risk of human error and save time and resources. It also gives your team back time to focus on what’s important, instead of spending time on tasks that could have easily been automated.

Infrastructure as code is the practice of managing infrastructure in a way that treats it as if it were software. This means that infrastructure components, such as servers, networking, and storage, are defined and managed through code, rather than manual processes or the commissioning of physical hardware. IAC helps you provision and manage infrastructure with fewer errors, more consistency, and speed.

If you’re considering moving to the public cloud, this is no longer just a discussion of benefits, but a requirement. Together, automation and IAC can be a game changer for your business. These are some of the benefits:

1. Take back your time

Automating time-consuming tasks can free up resources to focus on higher-level tasks that require human expertise. The same goes for IAC with its infrastructure resources. The less time spent managing infrastructure, the more time you can spend on mission-critical tasks. Think of all the platform features and value you could focus on instead of fighting infrastructure fires.

2. Your IT estate scales with you

The complexity and space of your IT infrastructure will grow as your business grows, and it will quickly become difficult to manage it all. One of the main advantages of automation and IAC is its ability to scale quickly and easily. With automation and IAC, you can scale your IT resources efficiently, without the need for additional human resources. Your infrastructure will have the ability to grow with you, removing many traditional IT roadblocks in the process. For a business providing digital services today, it’s the only way its infrastructure can keep up with competitors and keep operating costs low.

3. Consistency

The programmable nature of automation and IAC allows you to maintain consistency in IT operations. Tasks and infrastructure components are defined in code, ensuring they run consistently and repeatably. Your risk of finding bugs will be much lower, ensuring tasks are completed to the exact high standard you set, every time.

4. Fewer human errors

We all make mistakes. Human error is one of the biggest risks to any operation, and sometimes you’ll find an error big enough to cause downtime or worse. By automating tasks, you can reduce the risk of errors. With IAC, you can ensure that your infrastructure is configured and managed consistently and accurately. Reducing the risk of human error saves you a lot of headache. It is important to note that IAC and automation do not replace human talent, they simply become part of the toolkit and allow you to focus on more productive tasks.

5. Agility

Change is always present, so adaptability is key. Automation and IAC help you be more agile and responsive to changing market conditions. By automating processes, you can quickly respond to new opportunities or challenges because there will be fewer roadblocks. With IAC, you can easily provision and manage infrastructure at high speed, allowing you to adapt to any change in business needs.

6. Cost savings

Automation and IAC help you save money in a number of ways. By automating tasks, you can focus your people on innovation and growth tasks. With IAC, you can provision and manage infrastructure more efficiently, reducing resource cost and IT time. Reducing the risk of downtime could also save you money in remediation costs.

Automation and IAC are becoming crucial components in the way businesses operate and clearly show tremendous value. By adopting these practices, you can streamline your operations, increase productivity, and even gain a competitive advantage over competitors who are slow adopters. With skills being the biggest barrier to entry for automation and IAC, there is a visible need for specialized companies that will not only sell you a tool, but can also understand your business goals and then automate, moving through your property. of you.

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