John Dewar, NEC XON enterprise technology solutions GM

Leading pan-African ICT systems integrator NEC XON has announced a strategic partnership with Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services.

The partnership combines NEC XON’s extensive market presence and Pure Storage’s modern and comprehensive portfolio, effectively expanding both companies’ reach and ability to serve their joint customer base. NEC XON will resell Pure Storage’s complete product lineup of sustainable, high-performance, all-flash storage solutions, including: FlashArray, FlashBlade, Portworx, Pure Cloud Block Store and Fusion, all accessible through the innovative Pure Storage Evergreen subscription model.

Pure Storage has a longstanding and trusted reputation for providing top-tier data management and storage solutions in the region. This partnership will leverage NEC XON’s strong market penetration, providing Pure Storage’s modern, innovative infrastructure to meet customers’ wide-ranging data needs, with a particular focus on the Southern African Development Community countries, which include South Africa, Mauritius and Mozambique.

John Dewar, NEC XON enterprise technology solutions general manager, said, “As organisations progressively deploy data-driven applications and workloads on their digital transformation journey, our partnership with Pure Storage represents a significant leap forward in our mission to bring state-of-the-art technology solutions to the local market.

“By combining our market foothold with Pure Storage’s expertise, we can collectively cater to a more diverse customer base across multiple industries and meet their most challenging data requirements.”

Pure Storage South Africa country manager Anthony da Silva said: “Our collaboration with NEC XON is pivotal for us to expand our footprint and support an extensive customer base in the region. As a 100% channel focused company, partners play a crucial role in building successful customer relationships.

“Partnering with NEC XON means we can deliver all-flash solutions to more customers, helping them simplify infrastructure management, extract value from their data and contribute to sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption.”

NEC XON is a leading African integrator of ICT solutions and part of NEC, a Japanese global company. NEC XON has operated in Africa since 1963 and delivers communications, energy, safety, security and digital solutions. It co-creates social value through innovation to help overcome serious societal challenges. The organisation operates in 54 African countries and has a footprint in 16 of them. Regional headquarters are located in south, east and west Africa. NEC XON is a level 1-certified broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) business. Discover more at

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