In a dynamic era where technology is constantly reshaping business, understanding and leveraging the latest advancements is crucial for your organisation’s success.

A recent Lunch & Learn event held by LSD Open and SUSE was a testament to this ethos. Featuring insights from Aslam Raffee, customer success manager at SUSE, and other experts from the LSD Open team, the session was a confluence of expertise, practical demonstrations and interactive learning aimed at demystifying complex IT concepts for professionals poised at the forefront of technological innovation.

The primary objective was to impart a high-level understanding of key cloud-native, containerisation and Kubernetes concepts, and demonstrate the practicality and resilience of these technologies. The highlight was a unique demonstration that featured the popular first-person shooter game Doom running on Kubernetes, showcasing the platform’s high availability – a vivid illustration of technology meeting practical application.

SUSE Rancher: a gateway to multi-cloud standardisation

Raffee’s insights into SUSE Rancher were enlightening, as he elaborated on how Rancher facilitates a unified standard across multi-cloud environments, and then extended his discussion to real-world applications of Rancher in sectors such as banking and retail, and the potential of K3s for edge computing use cases.

App modernisation and Kubernetes: a personal journey

Deon Stroebel, chief commercial officer at LSD Open, then focused on sharing his journey and insights into Kubernetes and app modernisation. Rather than a conventional presentation, they opted for an interactive teaching approach, guiding attendees through the nuances of Kubernetes and its business implications. The approach was well-received, as it allowed for a deeper, more practical understanding of these complex topics.

Addressing the elephant in the room: cloud-native security

Another key discussion point was the paradigm shift in security within cloud-native environments. Moving away from traditional methods such as firewalls and antivirus, Deon emphasised a “shift left” approach, bringing security closer to the development process. This involves tools for scanning libraries and add-ons used by developers and strategies for securing deployment images. The mention of NeuVector from SUSE provided a concrete example of implementing these security measures.

1701247751 400 Navigating the future of IT insights from SUSE and LSD | perutrenReflections and impact

The event was not just an information session but a forum for open dialogue, where attendees could voice their queries and concerns in a non-judgmental environment. The positive feedback and the satisfaction expressed by many underscored the event’s success in demystifying complex IT concepts and offering practical solutions.

As you continue to navigate the intricate world of IT services, events like these are crucial in fostering a community of learning and innovation. The journey of modernising applications and embracing cloud-native technologies is ongoing, and through collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing, you are better equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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About LSD Open
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At SUSE, we believe every business is on a journey of digital transformation, and that transformation can be enhanced and accelerated by open innovation. In today’s hyperconnected world, innovation is occurring virtually everywhere – in the data centre, in the cloud, at the edge and beyond. The most successful businesses will be those that capitalise on open and interoperable solutions that let them harness innovation, no matter where it occurs.

SUSE is exceptionally prepared to help each business choose open, with the industry’s most adaptable enterprise Linux and a leading container management solution that provides full management of all Kubernetes distributions. Because SUSE is truly open, businesses can choose the right combination of technology and solutions to ensure their business success. At SUSE, our mission is to help our customers innovate everywhere. For more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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