In the digital world, Organizations need reliable, forward-thinking IT partners to help them navigate the complexities of technology to secure an advantage in their own vertical markets.

three6five Digital Solutions is pleased to introduce a new strategic direction that aims to provide managed IT infrastructure services tailored to the unique needs of its clients. “Our new executive team, led by CEO Nick Treasure, COO Anton de Beer and CIO Christophe de Chasteauneuf, provides digital business infrastructure operations for companies of all sizes,” he said.

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and growth, three6five Digital Solutions is excited to consolidate three of its businesses into a single unified entity. This strategic move is designed to bring together the strengths and expertise of each business, resulting in a greater customer experience and greater operational efficiency, while maintaining the company’s culture.

“By streamlining our operations and fostering a cohesive environment, we can better serve our customers and empower our team to deliver innovative and customized solutions,” the company said. “Our service offerings are specifically designed to offer a wide range of services to suit the diverse needs of businesses in the digital age. By partnering with a network of ecosystem partners, we provide end-to-end solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business goals, while managing and measuring their IT infrastructure with efficiency and professionalism.”

Three6five Digital Solutions service offerings include:

  • Specializations in deep networks and cybersecurity: Their team of experts is highly trained in various aspects of networking and cybersecurity, ensuring that your business is well protected from ever-evolving threats and can consistently and quickly deliver applications to your users.
  • Your hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform: Embracing the power of cloud technology, three6five’s hybrid cloud IaaS platform offers the perfect balance between private cloud infrastructure and public cloud services.
  • Software-Defined WAN and Connectivity Solutions (SD-WAN): In today’s interconnected world, reliable, high-performance connectivity is essential to business success. Three6five’s SD-WAN solutions offer a simplified approach to managing complex networks, improving application performance and increasing network resilience.
  • Communication and collaboration services: As hybrid work becomes the new norm, businesses require seamless communication and collaboration tools to keep teams connected and productive. Three6five’s services help organizations bring together the best communication and collaboration platforms, ensuring that their teams can work together efficiently and from anywhere.

“All of our services are backed by our 24x7x365 operations center, which provides monitoring, support, incident and problem management. This ensures that any potential issues are identified and resolved, minimizing exposure to your IT infrastructure,” said three6five.

“In addition, we understand the importance of having an easy-to-use and informative interface for our customers to access vital information about their IT infrastructure and accounts. We seek to improve our digital contact point, known as Mission Control. This will provide customers with real-time, dynamic data on their IT infrastructure, offering insights into performance, security and overall health. In addition, Mission Control will serve as a convenient digital hub for our customers to access account information, billing details, support requests and more…all in one centralized location.

three6five Digital Solutions offers a complete set of services that allow companies to stay ahead. “By providing solutions and services backed by our expertise and ecosystem partners, we allow our clients to focus on their core business objectives, while we address their IT infrastructure needs with efficiency and professionalism.

1684551395 208 Managed IT infrastructure done right with three6five | perutren“Our approach emphasizes regular interaction, fostering lasting relationships with our clients. We believe in the power of positive reinforcement, which allows us to build trust and work together towards common goals. This customer-centric approach is critical to our success and sets us apart from other IT service providers,” he said.

The new executive team is committed to driving the growth and success of three6five Digital Solutions and together, their executive team brings a wealth of experience in the IT industry, providing the operational insights needed to execute the company’s strategic vision effectively. effectively and contribute invaluable technology and business. experience that will keep your services relevant, as well as the adaptation of your services to new technological trends. “We are all ‘technicians’ at heart,” he said.

“As our journey continues, we are dedicated to helping businesses understand the complexities of IT. Our approach ensures that we are the partner for any organization looking to succeed in today’s business landscape by aligning IT with the business. We look forward to working with companies from all industries, providing innovative managed IT infrastructure services that enable them to achieve their business goals and objectives. Together, we will create a more connected and successful future for business. welcome to three6five Digital solutions!”

about three6five
Three6five is a leading provider of Digital Enterprise Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) solutions. Founded by engineers in 2006, three6five understands how to apply digital technologies and how to build and manage digital networks that work best for businesses. Helps clients identify and harness business-defining results in the moment, helping them build, deploy, and support the forward-thinking infrastructure they need to translate digital technology into business success. Three6five is a proud level 2 supporter of B-BBEE. For more, visit

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