LSD Open has been invited to join the Broadcom Advantage partner programme following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, and will continue delivering VMware solutions, subscriptions and more to customers in Southern Africa and beyond.

“LSD Open is the most skilled VMware by Broadcom Tanzu partner in sub-Saharan Africa. Modern Applications is a very niche avenue to specialise in. It takes huge investment but delivers even greater rewards if done correctly. LSD Open have the track record and ability to deliver. As such it is fantastic to have them as a VMware by Broadcom partner and I am truly looking forward to our future together.” said Michael Wilson, senior manager at SSA Channel at VMware by Broadcom.

As part of the acquisition, all existing VMware partner and Cloud service provider agreements were terminated by Broadcom in December 2023, so that VMware could be restructured into Broadcom’s framework. Partners strategic to VMware by Broadcom’s continued success were invited to join Broadcom’s award-winning partner ecosystem.

LSD Open specialises in delivering managed platform services for modernised applications, where VMware’s Tanzu Application Platform (a strategic technology for Broadcom going forward) plays a major role. Together, LSD Open and VMware by Broadcom plan to drive further adoption of modern application platforms and accelerate innovation for customers.

“We are thrilled to be invited as a partner of VMware by Broadcom. It’s a testament to our dedicated journey since 2015 in mastering Kubernetes and the collaborative efforts over the past two years. This alliance is not just a milestone for us but a strategic leap forward in our mission to innovate and lead in the tech industry,” said Deon Stroebel, LSD Open chief commercial officer, at the news of the invitation.

“Our excitement stems from the shared vision and commitment to excellence that LSD Open and VMware by Broadcom hold. As we embark on this partnership, we are not just looking forward to driving VMware by Broadcom’s solutions into the market; we are setting our sights on transforming the way businesses leverage technology for competitive advantage.

“Together, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our customers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with VMware by Broadcom’s modern platform stack,” said Stroebel.

A new VMware by Broadcom portfolio

Along with the changes to channel partnerships also comes a simplified portfolio of VMware solutions, centred around VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation. Both of these offerings will have advanced add-on capabilities to maximise the value for customers. This simplification makes it easier for customers to select the right solution for their unique needs and gives them access to additional value adds that previously were not part of their subscriptions.

“VMware by Broadcom’s cutting-edge platform stack, including Tanzu, Tanzu Application Platform (TAP), multi-cloud and more, represent the future of cloud infrastructure and application modernisation,” he said.

Broadcom closes $69-billion VMware dealChanges to VMware’s licensing model

A key change announced by Broadcom is the transition from perpetual licences for VMware products, tools and solutions going forward. Before the acquisition, VMware outlined the plan to align the business model closer to the cloud marketplace trend of subscription consumption. This means that all VMware by Broadcom customers with perpetual licences are required to transition to the new subscription model to continue using VMware products, tools and solutions. LSD Open can assist any VMware perpetual licence customers with transitioning to the new subscription-based licensing model for their VMware by Broadcom estate.

Business continuation

With the new partnership, the initial channels that customers used to follow for purchasing or renewing their VMware by Broadcom subscriptions might have changed. LSD Open is able to assist customers with VMware by Broadcom subscription transactions and renewals, perpetual licence transitions to subscriptions, and to help former VMware partners that can no longer transact with working out business continuation plans for their customers.

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