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Sexual contact has been one of the most frequent means of transmission of monkeypox infection internationally, and the same appears to be true for Peru, following a review of cases reported so far. now, said the head of the National Institute of Health (INS), Victor Suarez. Tuesday.

The infectious and tropical diseases expert said many cases in the country involve anogenital lesions, suggesting sexual contact.

However, other cases involved contact with clothing contaminated with bodily secretions from infected people or airborne transmission.

“In our cases, sexual contact now appears to be the main route of infection and risky behavior is defined as frequent sexual contact or sexual contact,” he said in statements to TVPeru.

Suarez pointed out that although the most affected population is men who have sex with men, transmission of the virus can occur between two individuals, as it occurs through skin-to-skin contact, especially more if infected people have wounds. and are not isolated.

Regarding the concern that the monkeypox virus could be transmitted by a handshake, the head of the INS warned that this could happen as long as individuals have lesions (blisters) on their hands and the contact lasts longer.

“If they have blisters (in any part of the body) they need to see a doctor for a diagnosis,” he explained.

“If people have had close sexual or physical contact with someone with such lesions, they should always go to the nearest health facility to be diagnosed and isolated, as well as to prevent transmission,” added the expert.


Posted: 07/26/2022


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