With the recent opening of the first Incredible store in Greenstone, South African consumers have gained access to an extensive range of products, from cutting-edge computing solutions to large appliances. In addition to this, Incredible launched an advantage play for SMEs called “Incredible Business”.

“Incredible Business is here to support and guide businesses on their internal procurement, which is a game changer when a business thinks of shopping at Incredible,” said Incredible Connection B2B executive Michelle Budde.

Visit www.incredible.co.za/business for more information

With over 75 Incredible Connection and 4 Incredible Cellular stores, the company has earned its reputation as the go-to retailer for cutting-edge technology, boasting nearly three decades of expertise in all things tech, appliances and cellular. Now a new chapter is beginning as businesses consider Incredible their preferred procurement partner.

The retail procurement partner of choice

Budde elaborated on the evolving landscape of business procurement. Today’s businesses not only seek the best deals but also demand innovative technology that can elevate their operations, coupled with reliable IT support. She said, “A small business doesn’t necessarily have an IT department, and when buying technology from a retail store, in most cases, the relationship ends at the checkout point. Incredible Business was established to bridge the gap between products and support.”

Incredible Business is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, catering for both those who prefer the convenience of e-commerce and those who enjoy the in-store shopping experience. The cornerstone of this offering is the Incredible Business portal, an online platform that empowers businesses to establish a structured procurement system while also enabling them to request competitive bulk pricing on a comprehensive range of products and appliances available nationwide.

The free warranty difference

“Incredible Business has the business customer in mind, offering them the ability to engage in negotiations and secure not only the finest deals but also top-tier service and support,” said Budde. “Every laptop purchased from Incredible includes a free 3-year warranty, an extension that typically comes at an additional charge when buying from other retailers.”

Incredible Business stands on the brink of transforming the approach that South African businesses take when considering a retail partner for procurement. It offers an array of business solutions, including:

  • Financial services;
  • Trade accounts;
  • Business rentals;
  • Bulk purchase savings;
  • Insurance;
  • Repairs and installations;
  • Free health checks;
  • Access to products not currently available on the Incredible website; and
  • And the opportunity to work directly with business experts.

Partner with Incredible Business

Incredible Business customers also have the ability to procure on a trade account, with immediate click and collect or nationwide delivery.

Budde concluded by emphasising the advantages that come when a business has a leading retailer as an extension to their team. “Together with you, Incredible Business is committed to taking your business to the next level,” she said.

To find a tailored solution for your business, e-mail business@incredible.co.za or visit www.incredible.co.za/business for more information.

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