Modernising ICT systems and implementing digital technologies are important drivers of economic growth. New technologies can enhance internal business operations, support the development of products and services, improve customer experience and revenue generation, and help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

However, for small-to-medium-sized enterprises, modernising legacy systems through digital transformation can be a daunting task, as limited resources, skills shortages and budget constraints can be significant barriers to adoption. Even so, organisations cannot afford to delay or be left behind.

Fortunately, HPE and Tarsus Distribution offer technology solutions and services that address infrastructure concerns throughout all types of industries, catering to entities of every size. For SMEs particularly, these intelligent solutions address the infrastructure layer in its entirety.

Building blocks

SMEs all have different priorities and challenges, which range from modernising their IT to getting up to speed with the latest technology, increasing their competitive advantage and even providing services and solutions as-a-service and on demand.

Some businesses are looking to improve their security posture and how they go about protecting their data, or improving customer security outside their point solutions, such as accounting, manufacturing or ERP systems, as all of these are infrastructure aligned to a degree.

Irrespective of the size of the end customer, or segment they are in, Tarsus Distribution and HPE can address these challenges and provide the building blocks that bring those solutions together and provide a solid foundation upon which everything is built.

To help SMEs optimise their businesses, Tarsus Distribution and their channel partners often adopt a partnership approach by combining their technological expertise and experience, providing insight into business process optimisation and intelligent technology investment.

By opening up knowledge-rich conversations with business leaders, a thorough understanding of the technical, operational and environmental pain points can be gained and a strategy can be plotted to support the achievement of the customer’s business objectives.

Once these goals have been established, Tarsus Distribution and HPE will provide expert advice on the most appropriate strategy, utilising building blocks right from a storage infrastructure level to the edge and hyperconvergence. This makes the journey simpler, and SMEs can discover exactly how to benefit from HPE ProLiant Gen11 server solutions, HPE Alletra storage solutions and HPE SimpliVity, an intelligent, hyper-efficient HCI solution that is optimised for edge and workload virtualisation.

Holistic approach

The trusted advisor and solution focused approach that Tarsus Distribution provides is based on the gaps in the customer’s ecosystem the company identifies. Years of experience show that there will likely be multiple components and it is almost certain that infrastructure will be a portion of that conversation.

In addition, there are conversations around business processes and finances that need to be taken into consideration. There are a lot of application stack modernisation and location discussions required to figure out how all these elements are going to come together to ultimately give the customer a solution that addresses their unique requirements and business goals and drivers.

Tarsus Distribution also finds that many of the challenges SMEs experience – lack of skills, reliability, cybersecurity, small budgets – ultimately interlink and play through the conversation together, because businesses should not be looking at one without the other. For example, a system that is always available but riddled with security weak points is no good, so the business and its specific needs must be looked at holistically.

HPE GreenLake Building Modern Businesses with Consumption Based Offerings | perutrenEverything as a service

In addition to bringing all these building blocks together, Tarsus Distribution is planning to provide solutions that customers can consume on an as-a-service basis, and is doing this by harnessing the benefits of HPE GreenLake. In essence, HPE GreenLake cloud services offer infrastructure and workload solutions, delivering a cloud-like IT consumption model across hybrid IT environments. It operates regardless of where a users’ physical infrastructure may live, be that on-premise or in a cloud.

Offering a consumption-based model helps companies at all stages of the business cycle – if they are looking to modernise, to be more competitive, to cut expenses and large capital outlays, or even to move their data around. Some are looking to do business at the edge, and others to reap the benefits of data mining, Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning. All of these initiatives will have different trigger points for different customers at different times, and Tarsus Distribution is able to help them address all of these needs, and at every stage of the business cycle.

HPE is unmatched in reliability

An essential part of HPE’s portfolio uniquely fits the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Its servers are unmatched in reliability, availability and scalability, and they are the easiest to deploy and maintain throughout their lifecycle.

HPE’s solutions are engineered specifically with smaller entities in mind, allowing for quick deployment, easy management that doesn’t require a host of in-house skills, and are cost effective so that these businesses can enjoy the industry’s most secure servers without breaking the bank. All of this enables businesses to focus on what is most important for their ongoing success.

Contact Tarsus Distribution to discuss solutions that empower you to reduce risk, unleash agility and innovate faster.

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