Creating a digitally smart office for a small business involves strategic planning, but with expert tech advice you could significantly increase your productivity. In this digital era, innovation is now ingrained in the metrics for the success of any business. The internet of things (IoT) has become the norm for businesses and home offices.

The smart office is considered one of the strongest business trends, with predictions for continued growth in coming years. Businesses need to think about everything in the office that could become intelligent and automated using technology. Smart offices can also lean on technology to help with sustainability by smartly controlling consumption. With IoT, smart offices can also help ensure security and that devices are connected. So how do businesses keep up with technology and make their offices smart?

Six steps to create a smart office

Incredible offers businesses technology, appliances and services to help businesses stay agile, adapt to market changes, and consistently innovate to maximise efficiency and increase productivity. Here are six practical steps Incredible recommends small and medium businesses follow to create digitally smart offices:

  • Connect with ease at work or home: Keep your office online with the latest mesh router technology, modems and your choice of data from leading networks. When choosing the best small business routers, start with assessing the size of your office. If you have a large office space, it’ll help to have a wide-range router or a mesh router for better connectivity if your business has multiple floors. See for Incredible’s wide networking range from leading brands such as ASUS and Huawei.
  • Control and manage your office: Manage your smart work or home office through your choice of smartphones, laptops or tablets loaded with smart apps that introduce you to a whole new world of convenience. See the latest cellular product launches from leading brands such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi in As a tech company, Incredible offers the latest computing tech from Apple, ASUS, HP and Lenovo to name a few. See for details.
  • Work anywhere seamlessly with multiple connected devices: Ensure peak performance with your choice of perfectly portable laptops and print remotely from anywhere, as no cables are required with the latest Wi-Fi printing technology. SMMEs have a choice of three distinct types of printers: multifunctional, laser and inkjet printers, based on the size and needs of your business office. Check their printing range here:
  • Secure your work and home office with a smart security range: Security solutions for your business can mean survival or pose a great risk if they are not in place. Get the best in alarm systems, cameras and security lighting solutions to help protect your business. From smart LED bulbs that can be automated or controlled remotely, to battery powered security cameras, security alarm packs and cameras, Incredible has a range of products and solutions with options that will keep running even when there are power interruptions. Through an app, you can connect and control all of your devices and check into your office from wherever you are. See for Incredible’s wide range of smart security products.
  • Power up with smart lighting and load shedding essentials: Take control. Power your smart space with a range of innovative inverters and other power essentials. With many options to keep your business going during load shedding, it’s important to know what back-up power solutions are most suitable for the type and size of your business. See options for your business here:
  • Run the office smoothly: With a range of smart appliances including air purifiers, fridges, air fryers and coffee machines for your business or home office, you can increase office productivity at the touch of a button. When it’s time to clean up, you can keep the office spotless with a range of smart robot vacuums from the Xiaomi and Hobot ranges to make life easier and allow hassle-free cleaning. Go to for details.

By implementing these steps, small businesses can create digitally smart offices that promote efficiency, collaboration and innovation, ultimately contributing to business growth and success. Regularly evaluate and update your digital strategies to stay aligned with evolving technologies and business needs.

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