Businesses are continuously seeking solutions that not only enhance productivity but also provide robust security features. If you’ve embarked on the Apple journey, you’re already aware of the transformative impact it can have on your business.

Digicape, an Apple Premium Reseller and leading technology solutions provider, is not just about offering great technology – it’s about delivering extraordinary value beyond expectations. Dive into the power of the Apple ecosystem with Digicape, where innovation meets unparalleled support.

DigiKnow, Mac has shown to improve employee performance and engagement

Mac isn’t just a device. It’s a performance booster and an engagement catalyst.

Businesses using Macs witness a remarkable 20% improvement in retention rates and an 80% reduction in start-up times, resulting in 48 hours of increased productivity over three years¹.

Switching to Mac can enhance the productivity of all employees by 5%, resulting in an additional 104 hours of productivity annually¹.

Recent market research on why employees choose and use Mac at work reveals that 97% of users believe Mac increases their productivity, 5% acknowledge increased creativity and 94% enjoy greater self-sufficiency².

Some 79% of users say they could not perform their job effectively without the use of a Mac².

DigiKnow, Apple significantly reduces major risks of a security breach

Apple products offer some of the most advanced security and data protection features¹.

With the Apple ecosystem, users can be confident that their data is secure and protected, allowing them to focus on their work with peace of mind. Switching to Mac can reduce cyber risk by up to 50%¹.

DigiKnow, you can reduce IT support costs with Mac

Thanks to Mac’s Zero-Touch Deployment and Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrolment process, businesses on average save up to US$635/Mac compared to the cost of supporting and operating PCs during the three-year device lifecycle. This is due to the minimal IT labour and resources needed for integration and ongoing platform support, together with fewer service tickets¹.

DigiKnow, you can save even more on hardware and software costs with Mac.

With no need for an operating system licence and Apple automatically pushing out operating system and security updates, Mac is not only easier to deploy, but also easier to maintain applications and keep up with the latest security updates¹.

Compared to PCs, Mac costs $207.75 less in hardware and software costs over the three-year device life¹.

DigiKnow, your company can continue increasing ROI

Some 70% of Mac users experienced two or fewer issues on their Mac in the last 12 months. With fewer support tickets, reduced software needs and a higher residual value, businesses experience significant savings of approximately R12 000/device over three years¹, with total ROI increasing by an impressive 300% in Mac-only environments¹.

Take the next step on your Apple journey with Digicape

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