During Covid-19 pandemic, businesses had to find innovative ways to operate remotely. To ensure business continuity, organizations turned to technology and engaged in various tools and platforms. Now that the pandemic is waning, this technology remains a vital accelerator of the workforce.

At a recent event hosted by Altron Systems Integration, in association with Digicert, technology experts revealed how businesses can unlock the full potential of digital transformation. The general feeling of all the speakers was clear: technology does not innovate, people do.

Caryn Vos, Senior Manager of Altron Systems Integration, kicked off the event by highlighting the need for digital transformation through partnerships. “Technological advances have far-reaching implications. But we need to understand how digital transformation can affect different industries, further cementing the importance of partnerships,” Vos said.

Speakers included author and digital transformation thought leader Nicky Verd. He mentioned that digital transformation places technology at the center of any business strategy, so every effort must ensure that people, who are an essential part of a successful transformation, are prepared.

“A technology-first approach leads to failure,” Verd said. “Although technology does so much and digital innovation is the destination you are heading to, it is humans who make it possible.”

Speaking of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and technological disruption, Verd said: “The 4IR is not just about new technology, new software and new applications, it is about the birth of a new era that coincides with new ways of thinking, leadership, working and doing business.

Company prepared for the future

“When digital transformation is applied to its full potential, the result is a data-driven, agile, customer-centric, and future-ready business,” Verd said. “The benefits of an agile, data-driven business with scalable access to cloud technology are compelling. Digital transformation allows companies to understand customers at a deeper level. As a result, this improves the customer experience.”

According to Verd, although adapting digital transformations in organizations has numerous benefits, transforming digitally is not as simple as it seems. “Putting people and culture at the center of digital transformation allows an organization to innovate and transform rapidly. Instilling a new mindset in any environment always seems second to none. However, if you take care of the culture, the customer experience and profit will take care of themselves,” he said.

Brandon Malambo, DigiCert Platinum Client Manager, highlighted the importance of digital trust in a world of digital transformation. “Public key infrastructure is the backbone of digital trust for organizations that value cybersecurity resiliency, and it’s what allows all of us to have confidence in the multitude of digital connections we make every day,” he said.

“With the DigiCert One solution, we provide organizations with automation and integration tools to enable a more seamless deployment of a robust public key infrastructure, capable of scaling to meet any business use case, while enabling an easy-to-use experience. use in adoption. Public Key Infrastructure Security Best Practices”.

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Nicky Green. Image via nickyverd.africa

For Verd, technology transformation within organizations is more than just getting new software and must be approached holistically. “Leaders often make the mistake of jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon, investing in new technology without first effectively equipping their people,” he said. “You need to prepare them early and get to know and get their input on the transition process. This requires leaders who are agile and innovative. It’s important for leaders to understand digital systems and processes, even if it means learning from tech-savvy millennials.”

In closing, Verd said: “The technology conversation is no longer reserved just for techies, lawmakers, or IT technicians. We are all being impacted by technology, and everyone should be a part of the conversation.”

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