Staden’s mosquito

Staden’s mosquito He is CEO of one of South Africa’s oldest and largest open source software companies, Obsidian Systems. But ask him what’s running on his desktop and he’ll tell you it’s a Mac. And he recently moved to it from… Microsoft Windows.

Van Staden says his desktop computing choices are based on the fact that he’s not particularly technical and prefers the relative ease of use of Windows and macOS.

In fact, much of Obsidian’s non-technical staff runs Windows PCs or Macs, while the company’s developers tend to prefer macOS or Linux.

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That Linux has failed to displace Microsoft and Apple on the desktop, against the fervent wishes of many fans of open source software, does not concern Van Staden, who points out in this interview at the TechCentral Show (TCS) that Linux and open source software has won everywhere: on servers, in the data center, and on (Android) phones.

In this episode of TCS, Van Staden talks about:

  • How Obsidian started;
  • The relevance of open source software in the modern computing world;
  • Why Linux has never caught on on the desktop and if it will ever be more than niche on PCs;
  • Why Microsoft should no longer be seen as the enemy of the open source community, and why the community should no longer mistrust the company’s motives in its adoption of Linux and other open source software; and
  • The role of open source software in enterprise computing in South Africa.

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