Collector’s Favorites: March’s Best-Selling Artists

Collector's Favorites: March's Best-Selling Artists

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Collector’s Favorites: March’s Best-Selling Artists

Ever wonder what other people are buying for their personal art collections? Although your tastes may differ, seeing what others are buying can help you discover new artists whose works you might not otherwise have considered.

Below, meet 5 artists who have proven to be our collectors’ favourites. For more ideas, explore our recently sold works and contact our curators who can help you find similar works within your budget.

Surabhi Gaikwad

Qatar-based artist Surabhi Gaikwad creates endearing portraits of women adorned in vividly patterned fabrics surrounded by lush foliage. Her work is influenced by her childhood in India and the various plants in the country. Surabhi received her Master of Fine Arts in painting from the Central University of Hyderabad, India in 2005. Her paintings are in private collections in the US, UK, Germany, Qatar and India. Her work was recently selected to be part of the Polaris project, a space program created by NASA that launches works of art to the moon in four-stroke capsules. See more of Surabhi’s work here.

steven pageprewitt

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Steven Page Prewitt’s colorful and richly layered landscapes invoke the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains that define the geography of his home in Boone, North Carolina. Drawing inspiration from the art of Monet, van Gogh, and Matisse, Steven mixes media and techniques (such as collage and monoprinting) to create his own animated abstract landscapes. He has exhibited locally and in juried shows throughout the Southeast and participated in The Other Art Fair Chicago in 2019. Steven also teaches summer art workshops, something he has done since 1993. See more of Steven’s work here.

Ilya Volykhine

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Ilya Volykhine’s work is based on his early life in the USSR before emigrating to the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Ilya seeks to portray the human psyche through his contemplative figures while maintaining a wry sense of humor about his subjects. Ilya’s compositions often use fragments of collaged text or fragments of letters handwritten by her mother. Since 2013, Ilya has participated in more than thirty solo and group exhibitions. See more of Ilya’s work here.

Augustine Veroni

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A native of Livorno, on the west coast of Tuscany, Agostino Veroni paints vividly colored seascapes and landscapes of the Italian coast and countryside. His vivid brushwork and use of color theory bring these stage images to life, transporting the viewer to these idyllic places. Agostino has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and America, and his work is in collections throughout Italy. See more of Agostino’s work here.

Silvia Poloto

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Self-taught multimedia artist Silvia Poloto began her artistic career with metalworking, painting, and photography while working as an electrical engineer. A Brazilian immigrant in California, Silvia’s work is not restricted by the artistic conventions of the American academic system. Her current work focuses on collage and the visual effects of layers. Her work is in more than 80 corporate collections and hundreds of personal collections internationally. Her work has been exhibited around the world and she recently did an artist residency at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. See more works by Silvia here.

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