Educational centres have different needs, influenced by whether they are new or established, their size, location and changing needs within the education sector. As a versatile retail partner, Incredible, known as the leader in tech retail with more than 80 stores, caters to both business and education partners, providing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

For our education partners – whether they are a small growing school or a large college – we understand the importance of fostering a conducive learning environment. Thus we supply educational materials, innovative classroom tools and interactive technologies that empower educators and engage students. With a customer-centric approach, we take pride in building strong relationships with our partners, empowering them to thrive in their respective fields through our reliable and forward-thinking retail solutions.

Incredible understands the three of the biggest challenges faced by schools and education institutions are:

  • Access to finance and financial services, such as large capital funding;
  • Access to specialist resources to procure the right products, bulk purchases and manage the setup and deployment of tech and equipment; and
  • A single point of contact for product and service needs.

Access to specialist resources

With more than 80 stores nationwide across Incredible, Incredible Connection, and Incredible Cellular, education centres have access to tech experts that offer a list of services from set-up to installations and many other core benefits that can be viewed in the Incredible Business Guide.

With tech support, you can:

  • Reduce your IT resource costs;
  • Have your new tech, software and office supplies delivered and installed;
  • Get assistance with your current network if you are struggling with any issues;
  • Rest assured with a free, 3-year warranty on all computer products, including MacBook;
  • Visit your nearest store for repairs;
  • Trade-in your old devices for new tech through a simple in-store evaluation; and
  • Purchase data consuming tech in-store on contract with your choice of network.

Incredible Business portal

At Incredible Business, we have transformed the retail procurement process for educational governing bodies with helpful tools like an online business portal.

Retailers simply sell their goods to SMEs and education institutions through their physical stores and e-commerce platforms. However, this process often necessitates requesting manual quotes for approval, leading to extended lead times on approval and potentially stock limitations.

These are just some of the obstacles that Incredible solved with its latest online capability that enables all businesses to establish a dedicated business relationship with a team of business experts.

The business portal enables comprehensive quitting tools, price negotiation on bulk orders, purchasing rules, and replenishment and managing requisition lists.

Incredible is also able to source an extended range of curated business tech, office equipment, furniture and appliances not listed on its website.

Bring your own device

For schools or centres that opt for a “bring your own device” strategy, Incredible offers students and parents multiple payment options when it comes to buying school-approved technology. In addition to the standard credit option, offering a repayment period of up to 36 months or the convenience of a revolving credit store account, Incredible collaborates with partners such as MobiCred and Payflex. These partnerships enable customers to make staggered payments, allowing them to acquire technology and spread the cost over a designated timeframe.

Access to finance

Incredible also offers a 30-day interest free business account, trade-ins and business rental options on all its products to support schools and higher education institutions with its business solutions.

By opting for business rentals, education institutions can avoid the large upfront cash expenditure of purchasing products. With flexible rental options on a wide range of essential tech for business, including laptops, desktops, printers and more, your education centre won’t have to go without vital equipment.

Incredible also partnered with Genfin to provide business funding from R100 000 to R5-million, which is suitable for products, services and other business requirements. Incredible is a proudly South African business with a passion for education and supports students and learning centres to unlock their growth for sustainable success.

To find a tailored solution for your school or education institution, e-mail  or visit for more information.

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