But she’s just a woman.

But she's just a woman.

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But she’s just a woman.

Imagine furiously scribbling down all the misogynistic comments (and unwanted advice) you or your peers have received over the years from exes, colleagues, teachers, family members, and total strangers: ‘Are you shaved?’ You drive like a man. ‘He’s put on a bit of weight, hasn’t he, dear?’ Let’s just say there isn’t enough ink in the world for this. But there is enough anger.

in celebration of International Women’s Daywe’re talking to the artist collecting all these all-too-familiar sexist digs and turning them into iconic art. stacey willow‘s #thingstheysay The series comes from a place of strength, solidarity, and utter exhaustion from biting your tongue.

Sometimes someone tells you something that makes you go on a whole new journey. For me, it was when I was doing a shift as a waitress at the pub I’ve worked at on and off since I was 14 years old. One customer said, “If a woman is making a lot of money, she is doing a man’s job.” and I was left with that conflict of being at work, trying to stay professional and boiling inside.” she explains.

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Willow’s chosen medium carries as much weight as words. With textile art having been excluded from mainstream galleries and shows for centuries due to its association with domestic life, there has since been a monumental shift to empower and highlight the work done within these realms and the artists who hold the thread. . The brash words of Willow’s work against inherently ‘girly’ materials are enough to make a statement and spark a conversation on the subject, and we want to be in on it.

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Discover the largest collection of Willow in the #thingstheysay series in our spring issue of The Other Art Fair London from 9-12 March 2023.