Small and medium-sized enterprises face myriad challenges when it comes to managing their data storage infrastructure. From constrained budgets to the ever-increasing volume of data, the need for robust and efficient storage solutions has never been more critical.

Luckily, HPE MSA Gen6 Storage offers tailored solutions to address the pressing storage concerns faced by enterprises of all sizes.

One major bugbear SMEs have to deal with is operating within flat or declining budgets. With limited financial resources, investing in additional servers becomes a daunting task.  They need to make strategic decisions to optimise existing resources while ensuring scalability for future growth.

Navigating through complex infrastructure adds another layer of complexity for SMEs. Managing disparate systems and applications can lead to inefficiencies and increased operational costs so simplifying the infrastructure landscape is crucial for streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

The risk landscape is constantly evolving, bringing a slew of threats from a wide range of sources.  SMEs must deal with cybersecurity threats, data breaches, hardware failures and natural disasters.

Mitigating these risks requires robust backup and recovery strategies coupled with resilient storage solutions.

Also, as data volumes continue to soar, SMEs struggle to keep pace with the exponential growth. Traditional storage solutions may lack the scalability required to accommodate the ever-increasing data influx, leading to storage shortages and performance bottlenecks. Unfortunately, a lack of control over all this data only amplifies the risk.

Scalability for sudden growth

Staff complaints about slow application performance serve as a red flag for SMEs, as they are a clear sign of underlying storage issues.

Moreover, inadequate storage capacity often results in insufficient data and VM backups, leaving businesses vulnerable to data loss and downtime. In some instances, data may not be backed up at all, further exacerbating the risk exposure.

The HPE MSA Gen6 Storage solutions address these challenges and more. For one, they offer scalability to seamlessly accommodate sudden spikes in data growth. With flexible expansion options, SMEs can scale their storage infrastructure in line with evolving business needs without incurring significant upfront costs.

In the event of a disaster, downtime can spell disaster for SMEs. HPE MSA Gen6 Storage solutions facilitate rapid data recovery, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

Moreover, with high availability features and robust disaster recovery capabilities, smaller entities can quickly restore critical data and applications, cutting downtime and revenue loss.

Tailored for virtualisation, databases and backup

SMEs that harness the benefits of virtualisation, databases and backup solutions can benefit from HPE MSA Gen6 Storage’s tailored solutions. Whether it’s virtual machine storage, database repositories or backup targets, these offerings promise optimised performance and reliability for diverse workload requirements.

Furthermore, because streamlining storage management is important for SMEs looking to boost operational efficiency, HPE MSA Gen6 Storage solutions come equipped with intuitive management interfaces and automation features, allowing them to efficiently manage their storage infrastructure with minimal overhead.

An excellent value proposition

For SMEs operating within tight budgets, cost-effectiveness is a key consideration. HPE MSA Gen6 Storage solutions offer a compelling value proposition, bringing enterprise-grade features that don’t cost an arm and a leg. By maximising resource utilisation and minimising operational costs, these solutions help SMEs achieve optimal ROI.

A solution for every need

If we look at some of the options available, they each bring a host of benefits.

The HPE MSA 2060 Storage is a flash-ready hybrid storage system designed to deliver hands-free, affordable application acceleration for smaller entities with big storage needs. The HPE MSA 2062 Storage offers customers a combination of simplicity, flexibility and advanced features they do not expect in an affordable, entry-prices storage array.

HPE MSA 1060 Storage brings affordable flash storage down to the most price-conscious customers. It also promises improved array performance that delivers up to 154K IOPS and up to 100% improvement in bandwidth versus HPE MSA Gen5 (depending on the protocol) and a new 12 Gb SAS back-end connectivity.

New sixth-generation HPE MSA storage architecture (hardware and software) provides a modernised hardware platform, with incredible features such as Automated Tiering v2.0 that optimises IOPS by up to 45% in comparison to the fifth generation. It also offers a new Raid protection scheme (MSA-DP+), as well as a new task-optimised web interface and highly optimised data management through a new RESTful interface.

A true gamechanger for SMEs

HPE MSA Gen6 Storage solutions have become a true game-changer for SMEs struggling with the complexities of modern data storage.

By addressing key challenges such as budget constraints, complex infrastructure and data growth, these solutions empower SMEs to enhance efficiency, mitigate risks and unlock new opportunities for growth.

With scalability, resilience and cost-effectiveness at their core, HPE MSA Gen6 Storage solutions serve as a catalyst for SME success in today’s digital age.

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