For 28 years, Incredible has been known as the tech destination of choice for many consumers. This leadership is now also growing in its B2B offering with the addition of a curated range of products and services for businesses. This includes the expansion to extended business computing, stationery, a larger printer range, security products, power essentials and business-focused appliances, to name just a few.

To make these new product ranges more accessible, Incredible recently introduced a unique partnership with Genfin that focuses on providing loans of up to R5-million to boost business with the funds they need to acquire the tech and services.

Together they understand the challenges that businesses face in today’s ever-changing economic landscape. That’s why they are dedicated to providing flexible funding solutions to pioneer business success.

Who is Genfin?

Genfin is a proudly South African entrepreneurial business that enables and supports SMEs and mid-corporates to unlock their growth for sustainable success. Genfin understands the needs of businesses and that access to affordable finance is critical for the growth, sustainability and operation of any business.

The application process is simple and easy to complete from the website – look out for the business page or simply follow this link.

For a preliminary offer, you simply need 12 months business bank statements as a registered entity and a minimum turnover of R100 000/month.

What will a business loan enable?

  1. The ability to invest in business critical assets.
  2. Provide working capital to boost your business
  3. Get new concepts off the ground with start-up and growth funding

Embark on a journey of business acceleration and success with the dynamic partnership of Incredible Business and Genfin by your side.

What other funding is available?

Whether you aim to kick-start your entrepreneurial venture or take your existing business to new heights, Incredible has a range of affordable finance options available that include business loans, business rentals and a 30-day interest free account, to name just a few.

Incredible Business

Incredible believes that SMEs fuel the growth of our economy, and as the leading tech retailer in South Africa, it is committed to playing a role in supporting SMEs and helping them to grow and expand. Every entrepreneur or business owner needs access to the latest technology and trusted services so they can focus on their business instead of worrying about essential resources.

As a versatile retail partner, Incredible caters to different industries, providing tailored solutions to meet unique needs. It understands the challenges that SMEs face, from finance and funding assistance, to skills development and access to reliable technology. As such, it offers a comprehensive range of products and services, from cutting-edge technology to office essentials, ensuring that business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

With a customer-centric approach, the company takes pride in building strong relationships with its partners, enabling them to thrive in their respective fields through reliable and forward thinking retail and business solutions.

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