many organizations they are trying to identify ways to increase organizational cost savings. In doing so, they have recognized that it is vital to conduct business digitally for the sake of speed and business continuity. As organizations become accustomed to using digital workflows, they are experiencing increased demands to further innovate and optimize their businesses.

Your organization may already be using Adobe Acrobat sign and see faster sales cycles, reduced costs per transaction, and 30% faster transactions than traditional methods. But there’s more that Acrobat Sign can do to help organizations. With these factors in mind, they have made additional enhancements to Adobe Acrobat Sign Workflow Designer.

Acrobat Sign visual design tool

Acrobat Sign’s Workflow Designer helps you easily automate every task in an end-to-end document workflow. It’s a highly intuitive process based on a guided shipping experience that increases speed, reduces errors, and minimizes work.

Importance of workflow

“Workflow Designer provides users with a powerful way to improve the use and access of Acrobat Sign throughout the organization. And because Acrobat Sign is easy to use and can be tailored to suit different departments and their needs, it’s easy to involve others in the process, building trust and driving efficiencies,” says Dominic Richardson, CEO of local Acrobat Sign distributor. Adobe, Dax Data.

It’s easy to connect the dots between the organization’s key stakeholders by considering Acrobat Sign. It integrates with so many leading business solutions that you and your organization may already be using (like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Workday). Once connected, use Workflow Designer to tackle advanced workflows with complex rules and logic, addressing your most challenging needs.

Adobe Acrobat Sign is excited to announce new features that help streamline customer experiences and business workflows.

Acrobat Sign productivity enhancements

Save ongoing web forms

Long and complex forms may take more than one session to complete. web forms in Adobe Acrobat sign They are ideal for turning downloadable PDF and paper forms into interactive online web forms that you can fill out and sign right on your web page. With the new version, you can now save your progress in a web form. When you save, it will send you an email so you can pick up where you left off.

This is ideal when you have long and complex forms that you can’t complete in one session. For example, if you’re completing documents as part of opening an account, you can reduce abandonment rates by allowing them to start over and pick up where they left off. This is also beneficial for use cases like:

  • Bank account and investment forms
  • insurance forms
  • Forms of services for students in education.

Document automation

Document workflows are typically repeatable business processes in an organization. To help with this, Adobe is adding new features to help you create standardized workflows and streamline your business processes.

Streamline processes with the new workflow designer

To help increase productivity, Acrobat Sign now lets you allow any user (not just administrators) to create their own signing workflows for repeatable processes. Benefits include:

  • The ability to customize your shipping page
  • To specify predefined designated recipient roles as part of a specific workflow
  • Routing preset for a specific business process
  • The ability to specify which notification emails are enabled as part of a particular workflow
  • Specification of documents to be included as part of an agreement
  • Rename fields to match the terminology of your business process or organization
  • Specify form inputs and pre-populate fields within a document for a faster and easier signing process.

Create advanced workflows with integrated Microsoft Power Automate

1685094483 328 Adobe Acrobat Sign makes document design easy | perutrenBusiness processes can be complex. They involve many different business systems for document creation, approvals, and storage. Document routing can vary based on business processes such as dollar value, department, role, and other characteristics. To help manage this, Adobe Acrobat Sign embeds Microsoft Power Automation to allow you to create complex workflows. Benefits include:

  • The ability to route documents and agreements based on criteria such as contract value;
  • The ability to build more complex document workflows or create dynamic agreement templates with conditional sections using Adobe Acrobat services;
  • Integration with 700+ premium turnkey connectors, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and many others;
  • The ability to automatically store documents in document repositories such as SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, BOX and others;
  • Pre-built flow templates to easily create common workflows, such as storing documents after signing, sending documents from SharePoint, and others; and
  • The ability to extract data from document forms to automatically enter data systems such as SAP, Microsoft Lists, Excel, Salesforce and others.

Microsoft Power Automate in Acrobat Sign is provided free of charge to all Acrobat Sign Enterprise customers. Power Automate in Acrobat Sign also includes access to premium connectors for business applications, incorporating connectors such as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and others that can also be enabled for group-level access to Power Automate.

Maximize Acrobat Sign for your business

As organizations go digital first, they are looking for ways to streamline and automate business processes. Contact dax data to find out how these latest updates to Acrobat Sign will help users increase productivity and automate complex business processes in a secure and compliant way.

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