lsd open suse 1500 800 | perutrenOrganisations are constantly on the lookout for solutions to help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

One way to do this is to find ways to speed up software development and delivery to meet the pace of technological innovation and remain on top of constantly increasing demands for agility and scalability. Unfortunately, the traditional application development and deployment process faced a slew of challenges.

Then in stepped containerisation, a software deployment process that bundles an application’s code with all the files and libraries it requires to run on any infrastructure. Containers also enable developers to package applications and their dependencies into a consistent and isolated unit.

This streamlined the software development process, enabling faster, more efficient application deployment and updates.

As a result, innovation cycles accelerated, enabling organisations to respond to market changes and customer demands far more quickly. Applied properly, containerisation increases the efficiency of DevOps by speeding up deployment, streamlining workflows and cutting infrastructure conflicts. In addition, it helps developers to make more efficient use of available resources.

Next, the introduction of Kubernetes fuelled a renaissance for containers, emerging as a game-changer in the world of container orchestration, enabling companies to transform the way they develop, deploy and manage applications.

Kubernetes also provides a powerful framework for automating the deployment and scaling of these containers and has become a driving force behind innovation due to its ability to simplify and automate complex application deployment and management tasks.

Lunch & Learn with LSD Open and SUSE

It has transformed the way organisations build, deploy and scale applications, enabling them to respond more quickly to market demands, optimise resource usage and embrace flexible deployment strategies.

Additionally, the vibrant Kubernetes ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, offering a wide array of solutions that further enhances its capabilities.

To help unpack these solutions, LSD Open and SUSE are hosting a Lunch & Learn session at which experts from the two companies will delve into how Kubernetes can help companies unlock the power of rapid scale, accelerate their digital journeys and future-proof their businesses.

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The session will also unpack how entities can shift their focus from managing infrastructure to creating real value and will highlight Rancher by SUSE’s ability to simplify the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters.

It will also delve into Rancher’s capabilities in terms of cluster operations and management, intuitive workload management and enterprise support.

For more information, contact LSD Open — details below.

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