5 reasons to AVOID our summer session

5 reasons to AVOID our summer session

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5 reasons to AVOID our summer session

We’re hearing all about ‘disinfluence’ right now. The internet joins forces to steer you away from certain brands and experiences. A trusted helping hand, you could say. So we think it’s about time we took the influence of The Other Art Fair off you. Wild concept, we know.

If your ideal summer day is to stay indoors, avoid exposure to any culture, and not create core memories with friends and people you meet along the way, you should definitely avoid our King’s Cross Summer Session. It’s not for you. Unfortunately, it is reserved for adventure seekers and art lovers only.

Here are five reasons why it’s going to be absolutely awful.

1. LADYGARDEN floral installation

If you’re not a fan of vibrant flower displays and never look for the perfect summer selfie spot, then you’ll hate our stunning installation at the entrance of LADY GARDENpushing the boundaries of art and nature with his experimental approach to floristry.

5 reasons to AVOID our summer session | perutren

2. taken for days

We’re sure you want to display your artwork as much as possible, but it would be a terrible idea to use it, right? At this art fair you can become the canvas when our resident tattoo artist tattoos you sticks not stones. Charlotte’s delicate handmade tattoos will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re already shaking your head in disgrace, how about something a little less permanent in the form of a limited-edition T-shirt or tote bag from The Other Store in collaboration with Magic Castles.

5 reasons to AVOID our summer session | perutren
sticks not stones

3. Good music and real drinks (how dare we!)

Unfortunately, the place will be filled with amazing thirst-quenching cocktails, so a good time will be had. I’m sorry! Our eclectic DJs lamb loves, Women and Gray Mother will give you good vibes as you enjoy a summery drink from one of our independent UK brands including The Tequila Lightning, Black Chalk Wine, candor wine and AND UNION beers If you think things can’t get any worse, you can take the experience even further and come to one of the Black Chalk Wine tasting sessions on our Opening Night.

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El Rayo Tequila DJ Lamby Loves

4. You could make a good investment for once

The last reason you’d come to an art fair is to buy the art… So when you radically decide to do it from an artist you’ve connected with, we’ve made it a lot kinder to the old bank balance by partnering with Own Art. to give you the option to spread the cost without interest. Take a look at our Shopping guide for the best tips before you go. By buying through the fair, you’re doing a good deed by directly supporting independent artists (no galleries invited!), and no one would want that on their conscience right now, right?

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5. Too many good deals in general

Finally, there is no way you can come without having a good day. It is a real tragedy. We’ve joined forces with a bunch of great independent businesses to bring you some delicious discounts. Including Maya Magal, Happy Face Pizza, Spirit Land, Supermax and Hiden Curry when you visit The Other Art Fair because we really love you so much.

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The Other Art Fair will take place from June 29 to July 2 at West Handyside Canopy, Kings Cross, London. Get your tickets now for a hard time!