30 spectacular animals that start with the letter A


Grab your animal lovers and get ready to travel the world! Start your exploration of the animal kingdom with the letter A. From the coldest parts of the Arctic to the depths of the oceans, we’ll cover them all! You can show your little ones the animal photos and pictures to see if they already know the animal or read the description to see if they can guess what it is before revealing the picture! Once you’re done, plan some outdoor activities and take some animal photos yourself!

1. Aardvark

At the top of our list of animals is the aardvark. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, they have an excellent sense of smell. They are nocturnal animals that use their super long, sticky tongues to pick up termites and ants!

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2. African Wild Dog

He’s a dog you don’t want to pet. These ferocious predators roam the plains of southern Africa. They live in pact and hunt all kinds of animals. Each dog has its own distinct pattern. To show that they agree with a decision of the pact, they sneeze!

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3. Albatross

With a wingspan of up to 11 feet, the Albatross is one of the largest birds on the planet! They spend most of their lives flying over the oceans in search of fish. These magnificent birds are critically endangered due to climate change and the loss of their nesting grounds.

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4. Crocodiles

A living dinosaur! Alligators live in the warm climates of North America and China. They live in fresh water, have a U-shaped snout, and are dark green or black. Remember to keep your distance if you see one as they can run up to 35 miles per hour!

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5. Alpaca

Think of your favorite fluffy sweater. That’s how an alpaca feels! Originally from Peru, these docile animals are very sociable and need to live in herds. Their padded feet allow them to walk without disturbing the grass they eat!

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6. Amazon Parrot

There are over 30 species of Amazon parrots! Their habitat extends from Mexico and the Caribbean to South America. These American birds are mostly green, with brightly accented feathers of all colors. They love to eat nuts, seeds and fruits.

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7. American Eskimo Dog

Despite its name, the American Eskimo Dog is actually German! These super fluffy dogs used to perform in circuses all over the world and are super smart and energetic. They love to trick their owners!

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8. American Bulldog

These goofballs are a great addition to the family. Descended from a breed of British dogs, they became Americans in the 1700s when they were brought on ships! Super smart, they learn commands quickly and love to chase after their favorite humans!

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9. Anaconda

Weighing 550 pounds and measuring over 29 feet long, anacondas are the largest snakes in the world! They live in the Amazon rivers. They can open their jaws wide enough to eat an entire pig in one bite! They are non-venomous but kill their prey relying on the strength of their constriction abilities.

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10. Anchovies

Anchovies are small bony fish that live in warm coastal waters. They have a long silver stripe on a blue-green body. Their eggs hatch after only two days! You can find them in coastal waters around the world. Try it on your pizza!

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11. Anemone

Did you know that an anemone is an animal? It looks like an aquatic plant, but it actually eats fish! There are over 1,000 species of anemones living in coral reefs around the world. Some species are home to particular species of fish, like our friend the clownfish Nemo!

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12. Monkfish

In the deepest parts of the oceans live anglerfish. With an abundance of teeth, these fish look more like monsters than angels! Some live in complete darkness and use a small light strapped to their heads to lure their dinner into their mouths full of sharp teeth!

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13. Ant

Ants are everywhere! There are more than 10,000 species and live in colonies with a queen. While the queen is laying eggs, the worker ants come out and collect food. Ants communicate by touching each other’s antennae, which are very sensitive. Some produce pheromones for other ants to follow and get to eat!

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14. Anteater

Somewhere near an ant habitat in South America, you might find an anteater! As their name suggests, they eat up to 30,000 ants in a day! They use their long tongue to coax ants out of their nests.

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15. Antelope

There are 91 different species of antelope in Africa and Asia. The largest antelope stands over 6 feet tall and lives in the savannahs of southern Africa. They never lose their horns, which means they grow very long. Each species has a different horn style!

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16. Monkey

Monkeys have hair instead of fur, fingerprints and opposable thumbs, just like us! Chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas are all apes. They live in families and love to get rid of each other’s insects to keep themselves clean. They can even learn sign language!

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17. Archerfish

Archers are small, silvery fish that live in coastal waterways in Southeast Asia and northern Australia. They usually eat water bugs, but they also eat land bugs by shooting down their food with water beaks up to 9 feet in the air!

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18. Arabian Cobra

Arabian cobras live in the Arabian Peninsula. These black and brown snakes are super dangerous because of their venom. When they feel threatened, they unfurl their hoods and hiss, so if you come across one in its natural habitat, be sure to leave it alone!

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19. Arctic Fox

In the snowy Arctic lives the arctic fox. Their fluffy coats keep them warm during the winter season and their fur turns brown in the summer! This allows them to hide from predators. They usually eat rodents, but sometimes follow polar bears for some tasty leftovers!

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20. Armadillo

This cute little animal roams North and South America. They live on a diet of insects and larvae. Its bony armor plates protect it from predators and when they feel threatened, they roll up into a ball for protection!

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21. Asian Elephant

Smaller than their African cousins, Asian elephants live in the forests of Southeast Asia. They like to eat all kinds of plants. They live in herds led by the oldest female elephant. Female elephants are pregnant for 18 to 22 months! That’s twice as long as humans!

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23. Asian Ladybug

Have you ever seen an orange ladybug? If so, it was actually an Asian ladybug! Native to Asia, it became an invasive species in the United States in the 1990s. In the fall, they like to find warm places for winter, like your attic, where they create a bad smell and stain things yellow. .

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23. Asian Black Bear

Also known as the moon bear, the Asiatic black bear lives in the mountains of East Asia. They use their sharp teeth to eat nuts, fruits, honey, and birds. They have a black body with a unique white mark on their chest that looks like a crescent moon!

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24. Aspic

An asp is a poisonous brown snake that lives in Europe. They like to lie in warm, sunny places in hilly areas. They have triangular heads and spinning fangs. It was once considered a symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt!

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25. Assassin Bug

Assassin insects are bloodsuckers! Gardeners love them because they eat other pests. Some have brown bodies while others have elaborate colored markings. They have sticky front legs to help them catch other insects. There are more than 100 kinds in North America!

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26. Atlantic Salmon

The “fish king” begins its life as a freshwater fish before heading out to sea. During breeding season, they swim upstream to lay their eggs! They used to live throughout the Northeastern United States, however, due to pollution and overfishing, there are hardly any left in the wild.

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27. Atlas Beetle

This huge beetle is native to Southeast Asia. Male beetles can grow up to 4 inches long and are the strongest creature on Earth relative to their body size! They are herbivores and harmless to humans!

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28. Australian Shepherd

These dogs are not actually Australian. They are American! They became popular through their performances in rodeos. Many have two different colored eyes and naturally short tails!

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29. Axolotls

These adorable salamanders remain teenagers all their lives! They live in fresh water in Mexico, where they eat fish and insects. They can regrow entire body parts and there are only a few thousand left in the wild.

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30. Aye Aye

The aye-aye is a nocturnal animal that lives in Madagascar. They use a super long finger to tap on trees to find bugs! They spend most of their life in trees. Once thought to be extinct, they were rediscovered in 1957!

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