3 things our curators do every day

3 things our curators do every day

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3 things our curators do every day

Ever wonder what a Saatchi Art curator does every day? From working one-on-one with artists and collectors around the world to developing in-depth articles on our artists, my job is to research, promote and support our talented emerging artists. Here’s a breakdown of what exactly that entails.

art consultancy

Each artist at Saatchi Art is considered by our team of curators for recommendations to clients through our art consultancy service. I work with a wide range of clients and provide expert advice on acquiring artwork specific to their needs, whether it’s a statement piece for a grand entryway, a nautical accent for a beach house, or a variety of smaller works for the wall of a room.

I curate an individualized selection of artist works for a collector to consider and provide additional recommendations based on their feedback. If a collector has questions about a specific work, I consult with the artists to give them all the information they need. I can also help secure a sale or new commission for you and often through client negotiations we are able to obtain a better rate for you. Tip: It helps us recommend your work to our clients when their artist portfolios are up to date.

artist characteristics

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One to Watch artist Hazel Miller at work

As Saatchi Art’s curator, I’m always on the lookout for artists featured in our special series, including Invest in Art, One to Watch, Inside the Studio, and Artist of the Day. We highlight the works of these artists and provide our collectors with invaluable background information.

I coordinate our One to Watch series, which highlights emerging artists on the rise. These artists tend to be earlier in their career and are already gaining attention for their work through exhibitions, awards and residencies. To be considered, I would recommend filling out your Saatchi Art profile completely, outlining an artist biography or statement, educational background, exhibition history, awards, and residencies.

brick and mortar exhibits

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Gregg Chadwick’s painting on display at our cross currents exhibition

Most of what we do at Saatchi Art is online, but we recognize the importance of looking at art in person. We host exhibitions and art fairs around the world and have exhibited our artists’ work in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Dublin, the Hamptons, Austin and Sydney.

We also opened our 1,300 square foot gallery in our Los Angeles offices, where we present 4 exhibitions a year. We select local artists to include in these exhibitions and welcome all mediums and styles. we have focused on pop and street artists, portraitand, more recently, the approaches of emerging artists make marks. When curating these exhibitions, our team of curators are looking for new works to exhibit, so I would recommend keeping your portfolio up to date by uploading new works regularly. We are excited about our next exhibition. The womanwhich features the works of 15 Los Angeles women artists.