11 Unknown Facts About The Amazon Pink Dolphin You Should Know!


Amazon river pink dolphin

The Amazon River dolphin is also known as the boto or pink river dolphin. It is one of the species of toothed whales that are different from sea dolphins. These pink river dolphins are born gray at first and later as they grow their color changes to pink. They are mainly found in the Amazon Basin and its tributaries. They are the largest species of river dolphins that are friendly. Most pink colored dolphins are said to be relatively male.

Unknown Facts About Pink River Dolphins:

  1. The weight of these dolphins is about 185 kilograms and they are 2.5 meters long.
  2. Their beak is very large which allows them to catch their prey.
  3. These bigtooth river dolphins prey on 53 different species. They feed on fish, crabs, shrimps, snakes, turtles and other marine animals.
  4. They are different from sea dolphins. They have plump bodies, bulbous foreheads, lean muzzles, chubby cheeks and small eyes.
  5. Like animals, these river dolphins sleep with their eyes open.
  6. These pink dolphins have unfused neck vertebrae that can be rotated in any direction. It mainly helps them see the underwater world from all directions.
  7. They like to live in fresh water, away from salt water which kills them.
  8. The average life expectancy of these aquatic mammals is 33 months.
  9. They like to live most of the time in solitude and don’t like much attention.
  10. These are the natural gymnasts who are blessed with paddle-like fins. They can swim in different styles. They are also known to catch their prey in submerged trees and shrubs.
  11. The sight of these pink dolphins can be found in countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and others.

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