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As 2021 draws to a close, we’ve decided to recap some of the best animal rescue stories that have inspired and warmed our hearts this year. From giving farm animals a second chance to save endangered species, many lucky animals have been saved from homelessness, dangerous weather conditions, slaughterhouses and the illegal animal trade. of company. We are happy to say that all of these creatures had a happy ending thanks to animal welfare and rescue organizations, and kind people all over the world.

Let’s take a look at these heartwarming and hopeful videos of our furry friends rescued in 2021. Prepare to feel touched by some of the most incredible heroes!

1. Meet Biscuit: The Blind Sheep Who Was Saved From The Massacre By A Teenager

Source: farmsanctuary / Youtube

Biscuit is a blind sheep who got a second chance at life and found a bright new future at Farm Sanctuary. His tragic fate at the slaughterhouse was reversed when a teenager saved Biscuit and lovingly took him under his care! He now enjoys relaxing, enjoying the sun and playing with the other sheep on the farm.

2. A terrified bear cub spent his first night at the shrine with a teddy bear

Source: Animals / Asia / Youtube

This year, Animals Asia saved its 650th bear! This lunar bear cub, threatened with extinction, was confiscated from wildlife traffickers thanks to the Vietnam team. They placed a huge teddy bear next to Yên so he wouldn’t feel so lonely. He can now live the rest of his natural, happy and healthy life!

3. Watch the dramatic rescue of a leopard from an open well

Source: Faune SOS / Youtube

During a 4-hour operation, Wildlife SOS and the Forestry Department rescued a young female leopard who had fallen into an open well 50 feet deep, located in the village of Otur in Pune, Maharashtra. Once rescuers assessed the situation, they went ahead and lowered a cage into the well to secure the frightened leopard to safety at a nearby forest nursery!

4. Four monkeys rescued from the animal trade return home to the Amazon rainforest

Source: ADI TV / Youtube

This Animal Defenders International (ADI) video tells the story of four monkeys who were rescued from the illegal pet trade. Pirate, Matias, Otto and Chepa are three monkeys who have been illegally stolen from the wild and sold as pets by animal traffickers in Lima, the capital of Peru. They are now in a safe and more permanent home at the ADI Monkey Facility.

5. Transformation of the rescued pit bull

Source: Le Dodo / Youtube

Rudy once wandered the streets, scared and alone. He was found injured and sitting in a plastic bucket. Thanks to Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR), Rudy can now be found bathing and pampering in his new foster home. Watch this video to see her heartwarming transformation!

6. Kittens saved from the trash and found with mom

Source: Hope for Paws / Youtube

A school guard was seconds away from emptying a trash can when he noticed that a female cat had given birth to three kittens inside! Hope For Paws rushed to the rescue! They made a strategic plan to safely transfer the kittens one at a time from the trash to a transporter. Watch this mom get her babies back healthy!

7. Watch the incredible transformation of Israel’s three rescue dogs!

Source: Girl with Dogs / YouTube

These lucky rescue dogs from Israel got a second chance at life! Léon, Pierre and Scotch arrived at the Dog Tales refuge from Israel. They had thick matted coats and were in dire need of help. Take a look at their amazing and heartwarming transformations!

8. Abandoned dog finds forever home at Bed and Breakfast

Source: Animal planet / Youtube

After being abandoned outside the Villalobos Rescue Center, Virginia is finally adopted and finds her forever at home in a pet-friendly bed and breakfast! When Virginia was introduced to her new home, she seemed to behave very well and loved her new surroundings. Virginia and Lindsey were meant to be!

9. Rescuers save a pregnant puppy just in time

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel / YouTube

Hope For Paws received a call regarding a homeless dog who may have had puppies with her. When. when they arrived at the scene, they found her hidden under a large shipping container. While it was a challenge for the rescue team to see anything at first, with a lot of patience they eventually made it and left this gestating puppy safe!

10. The abandoned piglet loves its rescuer

Source: Le Dodo / Youtube

Sunny the little piglet was found abandoned in a pet carrier in a garage. It was suspected that someone had stolen this little piglet and left her to fend for herself. Sunny’s rescuer said it was so natural to want to help him find safety. After spending more time together, the two just clicked and Sunny had found her new adoptive mother!

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