Stories that Changed Us in 2021: Redesigning the Conversation About Race | national news



I think early on, after the shootings, there was an overwhelming wave of support for the Asian American experience right now in the COVID era. And you know, it mattered that there were a lot of people who weren’t Asian speaking out. And yes, it was cool, for a while, to see all these people – not Asian either – that you know using the hashtags #StopAAPIHate or #StopAsianHate. And to some extent, you know, it was nice to see some businesses, corporations, and even small businesses echoing those sentiments. But, of course, like everything, I feel like it’s a bit sold out. I mean, just as recently as this month, there’s an old man in Chicago who was shot and killed very viciously in the Chinatown neighborhood over there. And I only see outrage among Asian American social media channels or independent Asian American social media platforms like Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts where their mission is just to go. withdraw like all Asian American news. But I don’t see much outrage beyond that.

As grim and poignant as some of the news is, you know, there have been some positive things, too. I mean, at the same time as all of this is going on, there were a lot of Asian Americans who were really happy with the increase in screen representation and also the opportunity to escape it. darkness of real life. Like, I have to say, “Shang-Chi”, the Marvel movie, for some people it’s just a comic book movie, but for a lot of people it was a big step in the portrayal in the media. . … For a lot of people, seeing someone who looks like them on the big screen, being the action hero, was important, although I think we are also ready to see more roles outside of the arts roles. martial arts, even if they are very substantial and three-dimensional.



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