Rinsing in progress to solve the water discoloration problem


Plattsburgh, NY – Residents of Plattsburgh may still see discoloration in their water, a problem the city is aware of and is trying to control as quickly as possible. Environmental manager Jon Ruff said flushing of the system to remove sediment causing the discoloration was underway.

“Started the flushing program, started on a limited basis a few weeks ago, more last week, and flushed a lot of sediment from the top of the system,” Ruff said. “This flushing will continue tomorrow, we think until Friday, take the weekend, start again next week and see how it goes. It will take at least 2-3 weeks to do this.

Ruff said water management staff are frustrated that this issue has gone on for so long. “We’re frustrated but it’s not to make excuses, we know the public and consumers are even more frustrated and have heightened levels of anxiety, that’s where our focus is so we understand that people are tired of this discolored water situation.”

He reminds people that tests have shown the water is safe to drink, but if it’s discolored, it’s probably best to avoid using it until the water clears.

Another water issue is Lake Champlain and local rivers, where residents of the cities of Plattsburgh and Peru are advised by the US Fish and Wildlife Service not to use Salmon River water for drinking, fishing, swimming, watering livestock or household use. starting at 6 a.m. on September 13.

The river is undergoing lampricide treatment to control sea lamprey larvae that invade the water and harm fisheries. One sea lamprey can kill up to 40 pounds of fish per year. Previous lampricide treatments have proven effective, with Lake Champlain recording catches of lake trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon.

According to the Fish & Wildlife Service, it will take up to 1-5 days for the advisory to be lifted as they must test the water to ensure that the concentration of lampricide is below the Health Department’s threshold.


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