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19:06 | Tacna (Tacna region), August 28.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo said on Sunday that his government will promote the development of family farming, in order to ensure the nutrition of the Peruvian people and to provide better health and education services.

During his visit to the Tacna region, the head of state said his administration was not trying to trip up the power groups, noting that he had come to meet the country’s needs and collect debts, which are resources that will be used to help the most neglected sectors.

“This government has declared the agricultural sector in a state of emergency thinking of farmers and being aware of the situation of farms,” he remarked.

“We will promote family farming, because you ensure food security in the country, guaranteeing breakfast, lunch and dinner,” the dignitary added.

He went on to say that many people tried to obstruct the second land reform, but this government decisively promoted the sector, which is so important for the country and its people.

In this regard, the senior official asked Prime Minister Anibal Torres to set up a technical working group to start working with the Tacna authorities, in order to listen to their demands and improve services for the benefit of citizens.

He pointed out that urgent issues such as land titles, sanitation and agriculture can be worked on, as this government has the firm will to promote agriculture throughout the national territory.

On the other hand, during an activity in the Tacna neighborhood of Gregorio Albarracin, the president said he was ready to continue working hand in hand with citizens and authorities.

Furthermore, he lamented that some people have accused him of corruption without any evidence, noting that he has been working transparently since taking office.


Posted: 08/28/2022


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