Peru. President expects Congress to clear him to visit UN General Assembly | News | ANDEAN


On Friday, he said he was confident that Parliament would grant him permission to travel to the United States for the purpose of participating in the United Nations General Assembly, and he urged that state power to remain respectful of democracy.

Mr. Castillo spoke to reporters at the Quillarumiyoc archaeological site in the Cusco region.

“I hope it (Congress) will (give me permission) because we have a plan; we (will have) meetings with sister countries and businessmen, even engagements with ministers that we are going to hold, such as those of education, commerce, among other sectors, because there is a whole delegation; not to do so would be a pity,” he said.

In this sense, the senior official clarified that he had professional and family ties with Peru, adding that he was in the government “to work for the country”.

Likewise, Mr. Castillo affirmed that a binational Cabinet with Chile is pending, intended not only to stimulate the development of the common border, but also the bonds of friendship and brotherhood.


Moreover, Mr. Castillo said that the Congress of the Republic must understand that his administration “did not come (to power) to harm the country” – in response to the possibility of the presentation of a new motion of impeachment against him.

“I would choose that we continue to be respectful of democracy, and I expect common sense and maturity from Congress, because people come first,” he said.

In this regard, Mr. Castillo called for the opening of horizontal spaces during the parliamentary working commissions with each Minister of State.


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